We're Getting a Pokemon Reality Show. Yes, I'm Serious.

The Pokemon Company revealed that they are developing a reality show based on the Pokemon Trading Card Game. Here's what we know.

Pokemon serie
Back when Pokemon was simple.... | © Pokemon Company

Some things you just don't see coming... Donald Trump as president, Pete Davidson as Kim Kardashian's boyfriend, and the Pokemon TCG as a reality show. Yet here we are, and it's really happening: The Pokemon Company is officially working on a reality show for the Pokemon Trading Card Game, and casting is in full swing.

Pokemon Trading Card Game Reality Show

From dedicated competitors in the Play! Pokémon programme and casual players battling after school with friends and family to collectors or general enthusiasts, we’re looking forward to spotlighting the stories of our diverse TCG fans. Anyone in the Los Angeles area with a Pokémon TCG story to tell is encouraged to apply.

Since the casting call poster reads "we would like to hear how a Pokemon TCG expert can help you", we kinda feel like we can guess the gist of the show: A bunch of guys and girls getting coached by an expert to get their Pokemon TCG game to the next level. Maybe some form of battle royale format? Something akin to Big Brother? It's too early to tell, but it sure is something new... I didn't think we'd get a TCG-based reality show, yet... the times they are a-changing.

Of course, the show could just be a way to increase the outrageous value of Pokemon cards even further. In fact, it will absolutely increase their value even further, so from that point of view... The Pokemon Company knows exactly what they're doing.