Ash Ketchum Will Finally Be In Pokémon Game!

Guys, it's happening. Ash is coming to a Pokémon game as an actual character. Send help, Pokémon fans around the world are hyperventilating.

Ash ketchum pokemon game
I want to have a game that makes him look like this. | © Pokémon Club on Facebook

Listen, I know that Ash was in Pokémon Puzzle League, but that just doesn't count. I want a fully fledged 3D model of my all-time favorite anime character (don't come for me, he was my childhood crush, okay?).

I know I wasn't the only one who wanted this. Fans have been asking for a game that features Ash for years, and now it seems like our time has finally come... at least in a way.

The game we're talking about is Pokémon Masters Ex. Ahead of their next big update, code hit social media and anime fans as well as techies took a closer look and found what we've all been hoping for. Ash Ketchum is coming to Pokémon Masters Ex!

I'm kinda sad that it's "only" in Pokémon Masters Ex, a mobile game, and not something like the upcoming Pokémon Scarlet & Violet. I feel like with a model like in the picture above, he'd fit in there just fine.

Maybe one day we'll receive an actual game for the Switch or Switch 2 (if that's even what it'll be called) where we will be able to play or play with Ash Ketchum. Or how about a dating sim? Alright, I think I'm taking this a little too far right now.

For all you mobile fans out there, congratulations, you got yourself an Ash.