Nvidia Leak Reveals Nintendo Switch 2

A new leak of Nvidia-related data points to the existence of a Nintendo Switch 2 and some exciting technology for the upcoming console.

Nintendo switch oled model
Yes, a new Switch is coming! | © Nintendo

The Nintendo Switch 2 is coming, that's for certain. Yes, Nintendo is still doing pretty well with their revolutionary console, but the thing is getting dusty. The original Nintendo Switch came out in 2017 and by now most games look like doo-doo on it. So a new Switch has to come, and it must have some impressive technology to run better-looking games and generally have better performance. What might sound like one of my manic daydreams might actually come true: a leak of Nvidia code revealed that the Nintendo Switch 2 is real and that it will use Nvidia technology to run games better.

Nintendo Switch 2 Is Real, Using Nvidia DLSS

Recently the NVIDIA DLSS source code leaked, and it revealed a whole bunch of interesting things. Among the many things inside the code are multiple entries mentioning "NVN 2". And guess what "NVN" means... correct, it refers to the Nintendo Switch, more concretely its graphics API. So yes, it looks like a Nintendo Switch 2 is happening and that it will use Nvidia's DLSS Tech.

If you don't know what DLSS is, let a noob like me explain it to you: DLSS is an AI-powered tech, that gives you higher frame rate and resolution, independent of your hardware. Or in other words: dark magic stuff. It would only make sense for the next version of the Switch to use such technology, as you get better performance without needing crazy hardware. A few other leaks and rumors about a new Switch already claimed that the next Switch would use DLSS, so that checks out. A Switch 2 is coming, and it will be awesome, but when will it actually happen? God only knows. And by God, I mean Shigeru Miyamoto.