Leak: The 'Switch Pro' Is Actually A New 4K Console

In recent months, there has been one rumor after another about the possibility of a Switch Pro. Now an insider has revealed that it's actually an entirely new 4K console!

Nintendo fans are eagerly awaiting a new Switch. What has been called the Switch Pro in many, many rumors over the past few months is actually a completely new 4K console. So it won't be an upgrade to the previous Switch, but a proper Switch 2! (Not that it will be called that...).

Before we dive into the new leak on this Switch Pro, we recommend you familiarize yourself with all the recent Switch news:

The New Switch Pro Leak

Insider Nate the Hate has claimed that there will be a new 4K console coming from Nintendo. The Nintendo insider revealed this in a video we urge you to go away and watch. But what exactly could this new console be like?

Developers Are Already Working With a 4K Switch

The 4K-Switch already exists, in the form of devkits. This has been revealed by Jason Schreier from Bloomberg several times and has been denied by Nintendo again and again. In his video, Nate the Hate emphasizes that the previous reports are true. Yes, there is a 4K Switch! However, it is not an upgrade of the previous console, so not actually the presumed Switch Pro...

Nintendo Will Market A 4K Switch As A Brand New Console

There will be no Switch Pro... the 4K Switch will be a completely new console. So not an upgrade but a real successor to the current Switch. The 4K-Switch is supposed to use Nvidia's powerful DLSS technology to get to 4K, despite relatively weak hardware. Current Switch games will probably be compatible with the new console, but the insider couldn't confirm this for us quite yet.

When Is The Release Date Of The New 4K Switch?

The new 4K Switch will probably be released between the end of 2022 and Q1 2023. At least that's what Nate estimates. And it also makes sense, unfortunately. There are still major chip shortages due to the Covid-pandemic. As we see with the PS5 in particular, it's just hard to make a lot of consoles right now. Also, the devkits have only been around since the beginning of the year, so developers still need time to make awesome games for this thing.

As always, it must be stressed that this is a leak, so the information discussed here should be taken with a grain of salt. Nate the Hate is a pretty credible source, though. He recently leaked the Nintendo 64 and Game Boy games coming to Nintendo Switch Online.

Given all the other corroborating reports and leaks about the Switch Pro, we'd like to express our confidence in Nate the Hate and his reveal here. yep, we're quite sure now that there will be a new 4K console from Nintendo, probably coming late next year. Ah, if only it were Christmas tomorrow. Christmas of next year, of course...

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