Kingdom Hearts is Coming to Nintendo Switch

Nintendo have confirmed that the Kingdom Hearts games will make their way onto the Switch. Which Kingdom Hearts games will be on the Nintendo Switch, and when?
Kingdom hearts switch
Could Kingdom Hearts be coming to the Nintendo Switch? | © Square Enix

Kingdom Hearts will be coming to the Nintendo Switch, and we don't mean the new Super Smash Bros fighter. Yes, that's pretty cool, but the real news is: the Kingdom Hearts games are coming to the Nintendo Switch.

This is massive news for any fans of Kingdom Hearts, and even bigger news for Nintendo and Square Enix, whom both have been struggling to excite fans with recent announcements. Now, Kingdom Hearts will be on Switch, and it's going to be more impressive than ever before.

Seriously, though, who doesn't want to play Kingdom Hearts on the Switch? That sounds fabulous! On the move, sitting on a plane, train, crane, anywhere you want! Mickey would be proud, and so would Mario (get it, cause Mickey's in Kingdom Hearts and Mario's a Nintendo... okay, the joke's not funny if you explain it)!

Which Kingdom Hearts Games Are Coming to Nintendo Switch?

  • Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 + 2.5 Remix
  • Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue
  • Kingdom Hearts III

All three Nintendo Switch ports of Kingdom Hearts will be available via cloud streaming, and will not natively run on your Switch. In other words, yes you can play them on the move, but not if you don't have a reliable and solid internet connection. Okay, goodbye to playing Kingdom Hearts on trains and planes then.

That's quite disappointing, but not hugely surprising considering how behind-the-times Nintendo is with its hardware. It's unlikely that the Switch could really run Kingdom Hearts III at a reasonable framerate, so this was probably a technical necessity.

Please also keep in mind that other games have also come to the Nintendo Switch via streaming, and have worked okay (Control, for example). None of them have been perfect, with their graphical fidelity still not stacking up to most other modern games, but not all hope is lost for Kingdom Hearts on Switch.

We currently still do not have a release date for when the Kingdom Hearts games will come to Nintendo Switch, but we expect to find out soon. This will be the first time that mainline entries in the series have been available on Nintendo's handheld monolith.

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