Leak: New Sly Cooper Game Is in Development

A reputable leaker claims that a new Sly Cooper game is already in development. We don't know if it's at Sucker Punch or elsewhere, but we have all details below.
Sly cooper 5 game
Uhm... can Sly Cooper 5 please look like this. | © Pierre Mareschal

So, admittedly, we don't have much to base this on, but, at the same time... we kind of do. You see, Nick Baker, aka Shpeshal_Nick, is the source of this leak. He took to Twitter to tweet out the following:

That's it. Why is this relevant? Well... because Nick tends to be right more often than he's wrong and, also, because it goes hand in hand with a Sly Cooper 5 leak from a while back, which we reported on in this article:

New Sly Cooper Game Coming – Will It Be Good?

I wrote it then, and I'll write it again: Ratchet & Clank reminded the world just how popular good animated games are. What's more, it showed the world how insanely beautiful they can be these days. Granted, there is no word on Sucker Punch being behind this Sly Cooper game anywhere in this leak, so we can only assume that they are going to helm this one (because, why wouldn't they), which would mean we are getting a 4K-generation Sly Cooper game in the hands of the gaming-geniuses that made Ratchet & Clank look like a Pixar movie. Yup. Read that sentence back twice and tell me you're not getting more and more excited every time.

If you ask me, Sly Cooper was always the best out of Sony's classic, mature animated games franchises – those being Jak & Daxter, Ratchet & Clank, and Sly Cooper. Simply put, Jak & Daxter and Ratchet & Clank are ultimately about blowing sh*t up, with as many effects and colors as possible demanding your attention. Sly Cooper, on the other hand, was the much more methodical game, and felt more original than its competitors.

Also, considering that Sucker Punch just finished their work on Ghost of Tsushima and its Iki Island expansion, this is the perfect time for them to be working on a new game.

Sadly, nothing is known beyond just the one Nick Baker tweet, but we'll be staying on top of this, and you can bet the house that we'll be all over this, once more info is revealed.

Also, if you're wondering about that dope cover picture, or just want to get a glimpse at what Sly Cooper 5 could look like, then you should really check out this talented artist and his Sly Cooper 5 artwork.

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