Somebody Has to Say It: Pokémon Arceus Looks Like Trash

Pokemon Legends Arceus is not worth it
Pokémon fans deserve much better than Arceus. | © Game Freak

Pokémon Legends: Arceus got its second trailer and didn't look any better than the first one. I'm not alone in this, but want to make my case clear: Pokémon Arceus looks terrible and might be the worst Pokémon game yet.

Pitchforks. Spit. Fire. Ire. I know, that I will be getting all of it, but I am fed up with Pokémon Arceus, and I am fed up with people pretending the game looks great. I am tired of people making excuses for a company that is worth $93 billion dollars putting out a game that looks worse than Roblox's upper-level creations.

If you are already triggered, don't get it twisted, this rant only gets worse from here.

Pokémon Arceus Is an Insult to Gamers

I understand that Game Freak does not own all the money that the Pokémon trademark makes. I also understand that Nintendo does not have a say in how Game Freak make their games, but I still understand that Breath of the Wild was released four years ago and looks better than Arceus. The very game that Arceus is trying to copy for its mechanics and open-world is four years older and yet, somehow, looks better.

From the trees, to the textures, to the animations to the lifeless, soul-less Pokémon there is nothing on the surface that is appealing about Pokémon Legends: Arceus, or rather, there is nothing that should be appealing.

This is a brand that is cashing in on its name alone. This is a brand, that is well aware of the powers of nostalgia and the power of money-spending young annoying kids have over their parents. This is a brand pushing a sub-par product that will be sold for $70 bucks with no price-drop in sight for the foreseeable future.

As Gamers, We Can't Stand For This

Yet, somehow, I don't blame just them. I also blame us, the gamers. I blame myself and our website, along with all the other media outlets, giving this game so much hype while other games are left for dead. Did you know that Celeste was made by four people? Did you know that this upcoming game, Exekiller, is developed by two people? Game Freak has 167 employees! Heck, screw the games I just mentioned, just browse through game creators like Dreams and Roblox and tell me if you can't find a more thought-out, fleshed-out, better-looking game than Arceus. Go on, I'll wait the whole minute it'll take you to find one.

Most of all, Switch players should be livid with Pokémon Arceus. I already mentioned the beauty of Breath of the Wild. We all saw the love and care that went into Link's Awakening, and we are all too aware of what is awaiting us with Breath of the Wild 2. There are people who bought entire Switch systems for Arceus and Game Freak is deliberately delivering a sub-par product. Yes, I am calling this deliberate, and here's why:

Michael Jordan once said he gives his best every game, because someone watching paid their hard-earned money to see him play.

Game Freak is the literal opposite of this, and I'm embarrassed for them.

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