Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty - Respec Explained

You can respec in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, if you are unhappy with how you attributed your stats. And thankfully, it's a very friendly and easy system. We will show you how to do it.

Wo Long battle gameplay
Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty – How To Respec . | © Koei Tecmo

Just like most other Souls-likes and RPGs, Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty lets you respec your character’s stats. And thank God for that. There’s nothing more annoying than feeling like you messed up your character and not being able to change your skills and stats.

Wo Long is also pretty forgiving and inviting with its respec. We will show you how to do it.

How To Respec In Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

You will need to have unlocked the Hidden Village, a hub which you find fairly early in the game. It’s a pretty nice place, where you can talk to NPCs, upgrade your weapons and do other typical hub stuff.

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On top of the hill where you spawn when fast travelling to the village, there’s a house which will open up after a few missions. In there, you’ll find a character called Zuo Ci, who’s a particularly helpful fella.

Zuo Ci will let you respec. For that, you’ll just need to talk to him and select the option “Reset Parameters”. In this menu, you can redistribute points that you have previously spent and put them into other attributes. And you can do that to your heart’s content: you don’t need any resource and can do it as often as you want.

Wo Long Respec Zao Ci
This old fella will let you respec. | © Koei Tecmo

And that’s it! Super easy and flexible, a really nice feature that’s implemented in a very simple and friendly way. Just how we like it.

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