World of Warcraft’s New Lo-Fi Remix Collection is Awesome!

World of Warcraft Bastian Remix Art
Each of the four WoW remix's have beautiful artistic backgrounds. (Credit: Blizzard via YouTube)

With Shadowlands out in the wild, Blizzard have a special treat for us. World of Warcraft now has its own hip-hop beats! This slow, meandering bubble is a remix of 4 new in-game songs, and it certainly stuns us with its WoW factor (heh).

With many of us stuck at home this year due to Covid-19, video games and study become synonymous with our lonesome lives. But not to fear, Blizzard is coming to the rescue with this melancholic Lo-Fi hip hop collection. We’ve had a listen, and it’s bloody good to study, read, or take a bath to!

We have a lot of thanks to give to video game publishers this year, providing us with a much-needed escape, and a socially-distanced way to hang with friends! None fill the void as well as World of Warcraft, and with the release of Shadowlands we are looking forward to sitting down and having Friday-night drinks with some buddies over a solid raid.

In reality, these short pieces are simply remixes of Shadowlands’ soundscape, but it is embarrassing how many times we’ve listened to it at this point. For all the students out there, who also happen to be Warcraft fans, or for any office-workers who get the chance to work to music, this is the perfect collision of two worlds.

World of Warcraft Maldraxxus Remix Art
World of Warcraft impresses with its fantastic score, but these remix's are great for everyday chilling! (Credit: Blizzard via YouTube)

With the delay of WoW’s latest expansion, this soundscape collection is a welcome little goodie for those of us who have been waiting eagerly to get ourselves into the full expansion. We even recognize some of the tunes from the beta, with each track representing one of Shadowlands’ new zones.

There is a lot to love here for fans of this style of game-theme remix, and enjoyable beats. The instrumentation is superbly rearranged, bringing a new ensemble to the table in a twist to the original orchestral score. We especially loved the rearrangement of Revendreth by Josh Carter, check it out below:

Here’s Blizzard’s new 4-song setlist. It’s certain to get the cat dancing!

  • Bastian – Bishop Nehru
  • Revendreth – Josh Carter
  • Ardenweald – Eevee
  • Maldraxxus – Casiio

The set is choc-a-bloc full of our favorite tunes from the beta, and for those of us who are busy but want that little bit of Warcraft in our day, this selection is very compelling! Sure, it ain’t Springsteen, but hey, have a cuppa and enjoy yourself! Chill, Chrissie’s round the corner.


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