WoW Burning Crusade Confirmed! But What About a Release Date?

Wow classic tbc
The Dark Portal Awaits in classic TBC! (Credit: Blizzard)

WoW fans rejoice and get ready for the Dark Portal to open. What's arguably the best WoW expansion will get the classic WoW treatment. At BlizzCon, they confirmed what everyone rightly assumed: WoW The Burning Crusade is coming.

After the massive success of WoW Classic, The Burning Crusade was an obvious choice for Blizzard/Activision who loves money more than I love my Amani War Bear mount. If you were not prepared for that reference, then I owe you a one Haste pot in Gruul’s Lair, but dibs on the Dragonspine Trophy!

Much like Classic WoW, The Burning Crusade will follow a similar phase release structure. The info we got at BlizzCon suggests it will revolve around the tier gear. For example, Tier 4 gear is Phase 1 and Tier 5 is Phase 2, all the way to Sunwell – the final raid of the expansion.

WoW Burning Crusade Release Date

The Burning Crusade Classic launches sometime in 2021 and the release date is very likely to be sometime in late August, based on rumors in the WoW community. Players will have a choice to make with their current World of Warcraft Classic characters: You can choose to move your character into The Burning Crusade or continue your classic experience on Classic only servers.

Wow burning crusade
Everyone's favorite Anti-Hero, Illidan. (Credit: Blizzard)

It wouldn’t be Activision if they didn’t milk you for a few dollars: For a fee, players can copy their characters. You can keep your level 60 in classic mode while also leveling the same character through the Outlands.

If you have not bothered with WoW Classic, then you can jump quickly into The Burning Crusade because you will be able to boost a character to level 58 one time per account. This way, everyone can enter the Dark Portal as soon as it opens, regardless if you played Classic or not.

Both, The Burning Crusade Classic and World of Warcraft Classic, are a part of the World of Warcraft subscription, which also allows you to play Shadowlands, the game's current expansion. TBC and WoW Classic are basically free if you already sub to WoW.


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