WoW: Pro Guild Switches From Horde to Alliance – WHY?

Schloss Nathria
The new raid makes the switch from Horde to Alliance! (Image Credit: Blizzard)

We are all eagerly waiting for the release of Shadowlands and soaking up all new information like a sponge. Class changes, new skills, new opportunities, new battles - we want to learn everything as soon as possible to be ready for the big grind. But, hold on! Why does the guild Exorsus now call: "For the Alliance"?

Fancy Shadowlands? Who doesn't?! That's why we are after every news of the upcoming WoW expansion. Of course, we read the notes to the new raid lord Nathria - like almost every WoW fan, right? What's that, more news? - The Russian professional guild Exorsus dares a blatant step. The entire guild is united and has moved from the Horde to the Alliance in preparation for this new raid. The things you do for titles like "Worlds First".

But Let's Get to the Really Important Thing – WHY?

Changing the faction of a professional guild is nothing new, as you've already seen in the guild. During Battle for Azeroth, they defected to the Alliance just because of the Dark Coast Warfront. For the Horde, this would have been unlocked only after two weeks of the mythic raid release.

So what caused the guild to change this time? You can quickly see that by taking a look at the current state of the guild:

Exorsus wow guild wowhead
All guild members are dwarves, and you know what that means. (Image Credit: WoWhead)

The members are not only all with the Alliance, they are now all dwarves. This is due to the fact that dwarves have racial skill Stoneform. From the Shadowlands patch notes, it was revealed that the raid castle is home to Nathria bosses who really like to cause debuffs. The main focus is probably on the skill Wicked Laceration, which is used by the Stone Legion generals and gives you heavy bleeding damage in the form of a DoT. Before that, you could only get rid of it in a single way but as a Dwarf, you have the racial skill paired with the Phial of Serenity, which gives the party better control over this battle.

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