XDefiant: Modes Explained

This article shows you all the different play modes available in XDefiant.

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XDefiant: Modes Explained | © Ubisoft

Ubisoft's highly anticipated 6v6 arena shooter, XDefiant, made waves in the gaming world when it was first announced in 2021. Since then, the game has undergone several beta tests, tweaking its gameplay and class system. XDefiant features characters from past Ubisoft titles, who are divided into factions, and players can choose one that fits their playstyle to dominate matches with their friends or random teammates. With the closed beta currently underway, many gamers may be curious about the various game modes available in XDefiant.

XDefiant: Modes Explained

XDefiant offers five game modes, which are inspired by popular FPS games like TFT, COD, and Overwatch. These modes are divided into two types based on gameplay style - Arcade and Linear.

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  • Arcade Modes: This game type features maps with multiple routes for players to rotate and take cover in. There are three match modes available in this type:
  1. Domination: Players must capture and hold three control points on the map for as long as possible while defending against attacks from the opposing team. The team with the most points wins.
  2. Occupy: Similar to Domination, but with a twist - there is only one capture zone that keeps moving around the map. Players need to move from point to point to capture the new zone, and the team that holds it down gets awarded the point.
  3. Hot Shot: This mode takes inspiration from Call of Duty's Kill Confirmed mode. Players eliminate opponents to drop an emblem, which the opposing team must pick up to earn points. The team with the highest point wins the match.
  • Linear Modes: This game type features long maps with a starting and endpoint and limited rotation points. There are two game modes in this type:
  1. Zone Control: Similar to Domination and Occupy, but with a twist. There are five zones for players to capture or defend, and the attacker's goal is to unlock and progress through these zones. The defender's goal is to prevent this from happening.
  2. Escort: Inspired by the payload push game type in titles such as Overwatch, players push a payload robot from the starting point to the endpoint with capture points in the middle. The attackers need to get the payload to the end goal, while the defenders need to stop it from reaching the finish line.

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