How To Redeem XDefiant Twitch Drops

XDefiant Twitch Drops are currently available. Do you know how to redeem them? Here is everything you need to know!

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XDefiant Twitch Drops | © Ubisoft

XDefiant's hype is enormous at the moment. Every shooter fan talks about the new game and only a few days after the release of the closed beta version, players are already comparing it to Call of Duty. Huge potential!

For this reason XDefiant has released several Twitch Drops to make the game even more enjoyable for new players.

How To Get And Redeem XDefiant Twitch Drops

This guide provides all the details on XDefiant's Twitch drops, which are relatively easy to obtain and could even grant you access to the closed beta if you haven't received a beta code yet. Therefore, it would be advisable to tune into Twitch in the next few days before the beta concludes.

To obtain XDefiant Twitch Drops, simply do the following:

  1. Sign in to Twitch.
  2. Watch one of the XDefiant streamers with drops enabled (TeePee is a good shout, and here's a fun fact for you: Teep was once a CoD pro, and his duo was a dude called Aches, who is now one of the designers of XDefiant).
  3. Now go to the Drops & Rewards section in Twitch.
  4. Get your code.
  5. Enter your code at the Ubisoft Redemption Center.

And there you have it, the rewards will go to your Ubisoft account in XDefiant.

Twitch Drop Rewards

The rewards for the Twitch Drops campaign are:

  • Closed Beta Access – watch 30 minutes from a partner
  • MK 20 SSR “Violet” weapon skin – watch one hour from a partner
  • D50 “Violet” weapon skin – watch one from any XDefiant streamer
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XDefiant: Violet Weapon Skins | © Ubisoft

Once you obtain these weapon skins during the beta, they will be available for use in the full game, meaning they will remain in your possession.

  • If you want that bit of extra control on your weapon, you might need a controller with additional features. Why don't you give the Xbox Elite Series 2 Controller a try!

In addition to the Twitch Drops available during the XDefiant beta, there will likely be more promotions after the game's release, so it's recommended that you keep your accounts linked to receive any additional rewards.

What do you think of XDefiant? Do you enjoy the game so far?

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