The Best Weapons In XDefiant

These are the best weapons in XDefiant. We've got two assault rifles for you and one SMG.

Best Weapons X Defiantr
These are the best weapons in XDefiant. | © Ubisoft

XDefiant is now in beta, with a full release expected soon (and it's crazy to see how much this game has changed since we first started talking about it). If you want to play the game, but you're only interested in using the absolute best weapons in XDefiant, then you're in the right place. In this article we will present the three best weapons in XDefiant.

  • If you're a controller player and you want an advantage in shooters like XDefiant, invest in a controller with paddles.

XDefiant Best Weapons

How do we know what the meta is? Thankfully we already have the exact stats for each weapon, and we've already seen the very first "pro match" in XDefiant (this was a showcase event that involved retired CoD pros playing a best-of-seven). The pros who we've seen playing the game are currently using a very predictable team composition of half SMGs and half ARs, depending on the map.

Hence, we will present you with the best close-range SMG, the best mid-range AR, and a great alternative AR for slightly higher skilled player.

Best SMG – MP7

The MP5 and P90 have noticeably worse TTKs than the MP7 and the Vector, so the title of "best SMG in XDefiant" is really only a competition between those two.

Some people will prefer the higher rate-of-fire of the Vector, but it only has 25 rounds in the mag by default and so it burns through ammo very quickly. You could add extended mags, but that penalizes mobility (the most important thing for an SMG). We think most players will instead prefer to use the MP7 with its 35-round default mags and still impressive 900 rpm.

X Defiant Best Weapons MP7
The MP7 is an absolute meta SMG. | © Ubisoft

And here is our favorite loadout for the MP7:

Front RailPEQ-15
Rear GripQuick Draw

Right, now to the ARs!

Best AR – ACR

All the assault rifles are feeling great so far, and in this class you can find many of the best weapons in XDefiant. But it's the ACR in particular that we expect most players to gravitate too. Simply put, the ACR is wonderfully balanced.

Whereas the M4 and the MDR are the close-range/lower-damage ARs, and the M16 and AK are the long-range/higher-damage ARs, the ACR just sits right in the middle. It does 21 damage per shot in close range, which is third best, and it has an rpm of 650, which is once again third best out of five.

X Defiant Best Weapons ACR
The ACR is easily one of the best weapons in XDefiant. | © Ubisoft

Right now, we're loving this ACR build:

Front RailAngled
Rear GripQuick Draw

You can perhaps think of the ACR as the most comfortable and balanced rifle, and a good weapon to start with. We've included an AR below that we think slightly higher skilled players will get more benefit from, however.

Alternative AR – M16

The M16 was absolutely tragic in Modern Warfare II, but this is XDefiant (the new CoD-killer), so we can expect better things. Thankfully, the M16 is superb in this game. We actually saw Aches go crazy with it in the showcase match that the retired CoD-pros played.

Now, this is a burst-fire weapon, so it won't be for everyone, but it has fantastic potential. Just try it out for a few games and you'll notice how quickly the weapon stabilizes between each burst, and so you can land your shots at good range and compete with the full-auto ARs. In fact, the M16 is still hitting for 21 per shot at 40 meters, which is higher than any other AR.

X Defiant Best Weapons M16
You might not expect it but the M16 is one of the best weapons in XDefiant. | © Ubisoft

It really won't be for everyone, but we think some of you are going to absolutely fall for the M16. Especially with this loadout:

Front RailTactical
Rear GripQuick Draw

Those were the best weapons in XDefiant. As the meta evolves and changes over time we will keep you updated.

Will XDefiant be able to seriously challenge with this year's competition?

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