Zelda Tears of the Kingdom: How To Use Ascend

Ascend is another ability in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom that transforms the way we'll play the game. Learn everything you need to know about the Ascend ability in this guide!

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The next Zelda sequel is not only a new adventure in Hyrule, but also offers completely new types of gameplay. Link gets more unique skills than he had in the predeccessor Breath of the Wild. In this guide we will discuss the use of one of them, namely Ascend, an ability that helps you transcend physical limits when exploring Hyrule.

Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom: How To Use Ascend

With Ascend, climbing becomes unnecessary. Are you below a surface you would like to reach, but the very thought of climbing makes you sick? No problem! If there is a flat surface above Link, he is able to soar up and "break through" to the other side of it.

Ascend may offer a lot of mind blowing possibilities, but its use is pretty simple. Once you are below a place you would like to reach the top of, you must have the Ascend skill equipped. Then press L and the camera will zoom in and look up. Above you will see a green sign, which is the place where Link will "break through" by pressing A.

It is definitely much easier than conventional climbing. You will also be able to use this ability in combat, though, as a method of escape or to gain the needed height advantage over your opponents.

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