Hyper Scape: All weapons and what they can do

Hyper Scape Weapons
What weapons are there in Hyper Scape? (Image credit: Ubisoft)

Shortly after Ubisoft's new Battle Royale game was leaked, Hyper Scape was launched last night. We have all the weapons and what they can do combined.

Hyper Scape joins the currently very popular genre of Battle-Royale shooters but brings some innovations compared to "oldies" like Fortnite, Apex, or Warzone. The game focuses a lot on verticality and so-called hacks that can be equipped. The latter are basically abilities which can give you the edge in a certain situation. Like every shooter, one thing cannot be missing here: weapons! So before we get into the hustle and bustle of Neo Arcadia, you should know what weapons are available and what they can do.

What do you shoot with in Hyper Scape?

As in all Battle Royle games, Hyper Scape offers a variety of different weapons. At the moment, there are nine different shooting sticks, which will surely be expanded in the future. As usual, the weapons can be divided into different categories: There are currently two pistols, a shotgun, a sniper, an assault rifle, a minigun, and three launchers.

  • D-Tap: A pistol with an automatic aiming system. It does very little damage and cannot take headshots, but is extremely easy to use, especially for those who are not aiming masters.
  • Riot One: Another pistol that is most comparable to the wingman from Apex Legends. It does a lot of damage but aiming and landing hits is not easy, especially at long distances.
  • Mammoth MK 1: A pump-action shotgun, which, like most shotguns, is particularly suitable for short-range combat. One-shots are not possible, but it still gives a good deal in close combat.
  • Ripper: The only assault rifle in Hyper Scape is a mix of rifle and submachine gun - high rate of fire paired with solid damage. The Ripper is definitely the best all-around weapon available at the moment and should always be picked if you stumble upon it.
  • Hexfire: A real minigun as we know it from Terminator. It has an incredibly high rate of fire, but lower damage. It's almost impossible to target at longer distances, but at shorter distances, you can mow down entire squads.
  • Protocol V: The only sniper in Hyper Scape is probably the most powerful weapon currently in play. It is the only weapon that can do one-shot kills.
  • Salvo EPL: A grenade launcher that is perfect for clearing rooms. Single grenades are not too powerful, but a handful of them into a closed space ensures that nothing in it is left alive.
  • Skybreaker: This rocket launcher shoots an extremely powerful but slow-flying energy ball. It's easy to dodge, but only two hits will knock any player's socks off.
  • Komodo: A plasma launcher that shoots heated projectiles which deal area of effect damage and knock enemies back. The drawback? It only has 4 shots per magazine.

EarlyGame-Tip: Weapons can be merged and thus made stronger. If you have found a weapon and receive a second copy of it, it is best to collect it as well. The two weapons merge and thus strengthen the stats of the current weapon. This is possible five times per weapon. The stat boost on the fifth level is especially high and can make the difference in many fights.

What do you think of Ubisoft's foray into the genre of Battle Royale games? Have you tested it yet?

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