LoL Arena: All Maps You Can Play On

Arena is the new game mode Riot is introducing this year, but what maps can you play on and what are their key differences?

Lol arena 2
LoL Arena: This is the Freljord map! | © Riot Games

Riot has recently revealed their new game mode, which will be played on multiple TFT-like arenas. This is the first time we're getting a brand-new mode with a new map and fun new gameplay experiences, so fans are pretty excited for it to finally hit live servers.

With this game mode finally being played on a map that isn't Summoner's Rift we've decided to take a deeper look at each individual platform that you can battle on. So, let's go over every single map in the League of Legends Arena game mode.

LoL Arena: These Are All The Maps & Platforms

Shop Arena In Lo L Arena
LoL Arena's shop is right here! | © Riot Games

This game mode is heavily inspired by Teamfight Tactics, which is the auto-battler that Riot released a few years ago and has since become a very popular game as well. So, similar to TFT, we're also going to be getting an area to go 'shopping'.

This is the only non-combat map in Arena and players can talk to Choncc at the center to receive their items or juices for their next battles. If you need to let out some aggression before going into battle you can also kick the living sh*t out of a training dummy.

There are four more maps though and these are all combat maps.

Collage Arena Lo L
These are the four maps. | © Riot Games/Zwag Xerath via YouTube

These four maps are all inspired by different regions from League of Legends and Runeterra. We've got an Ionia map, one from the Freljord, Shurima and finally one from Noxus. Maybe in the future Demacia, Targon and Piltover & Zaun will also be added.

Lux is going to be one of the champions getting a Soul Fighter skin. You can also pick up a cool figurine of her for your work desk if you want!

  • Shurima Map: This map features narrow pathways perfect for melee fights with little to no bushes
  • Freljord Map: This map offers the most skill expression with multiple small brushes, as well as obstacles
  • Noxus Map: A relatively open map with crystals all over the place. A single brush is in the center bottom of the map which is where most will play a round
  • Ionia Map: A very open map with a small body of water in the center, as well as few obstacles or brushes to hide in

These are the four maps we're getting right now for the game mode and each has a unique spin to it, which makes every single 2v2 special and different from the last thanks to the obstacles.

There will also be cameos of champions that received the Soul Fighter skins which could impact the gameplay even more than just the terrain. LoL Arena is going to be released with Patch 13.14 and should be available on live servers starting July 20, 2023.

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