DRX Upset Gen.G at Worlds Semifinal

After failing to score a single win against Gen.G all year, DRX shocked fans with an amazing 3-1 upset against the LCK champions in the Worlds Semifinals to earn the right to face T1 for the Summoner’s Cup.

With that performance, Zeka truly outshone Chovy |© Riot Games

After T1 defeated JD Gaming on Saturday to take their spot in the Worlds 2022 Finals, on Sunday night it was time for their opponent to be chosen. The LCK champions Gen.G earned their spot in the semifinals after first coming out first in the group after a tiebreaker with Royal Never Give Up and then defeating fellow LCK team DWG KIA in a five-game series. DRX, meanwhile, fought through the Play-In before taking the first place in their group with a tiebreaker against Rogue and then advanced to the semifinals with a dramatic reverse sweep against EDward Gaming. So far, Gen.G had won all their games this year - but DRX no doubt planned to break that streak.

The LCK champions had a good start in the series, leading in objectives and winning a fight near the dragon before forcing a slow, deliberate place in the first game as the they gradually ground down the DRX defense. The first significant teamfight took place 25 minutes in and with two kills, Gen.G secured the Baron and extended their gold lead to 7K. Now firmly in control, they did not make any mistakes and secured the win.

The second game seemed likely to go the same way when Gen.G secured the first kill and maintained a small gold lead. DRX looked better on the map, however, keeping the dragons under control and getting narrow wins in several skirmishes. Eventually, this proved decisive when 2 kills in a standoff near the dragon pit gave DRX the infernal souls and the Baron. Gen.G had a last ditch effort to steal the elder soul and splitpush but when they failed at both, DRX won the game - their first victory against Gen.G all year - and tied the series.

The underdogs continued their good form at the start of the third game, where jungler Hong "Pyosik" Chang-hyeon executed several ganks that gave his team the edge. As the mid-game started, however, it was Kim "Zeka" Geon-woo’s Akali that took over as the DRX mid laner had a standout performance. Gen.G had no answer to their opponents’ aggression and after a 4-0 in the jungle 29 minutes DRX were on match point.

After returning to the Rift, the two teams would fight throughout the earlygame. Gen.G showed signs the pressure was getting to them, however, and despite some great fights by Choi "Doran" Hyeon-joon’s Renekton it was all they could do t o stay even . The deadlock was broken by a key fight near the ocean drake 33 minutes in where DRX secured the ocean soul and a 4-2 fight. They left their opponents no way back and with the second Baron ended the game to win the series 3-1.

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With this, DRX have earned their place in the finals on Sunday, November 6th, where they will face off against T1. Will Faker return to the throne six years after his last title or would DRX´s miracle run as the fourth LCK seed take them to the very top?