Worlds Quarterfinals MVP: T1 Zeus

T1’s top laner stuck it through thick and thin, earning our MVP spot in the quarterfinals.

Zeus ThumbsUp
Zeus had a pretty good series | © Tyler1 via Twitch

The Worlds quarterfinals showcased some of the best teams in the world playing against each other. While we saw some blowouts and some slugfests that went to the wire, we had plenty of amazing plays - and players - to choose from. Still, for us the best performance across all three games would go to T1’s top laner, Choi "Zeus" Woo-je.

Best Top at Worlds?

T1 had to take on Royal Never Give Up, the LPL spring champion that had defeated them at the MSI finals. Despite losing the tiebreaker in the groups to Gen.G, RNG was seen as a very powerful team that was only ramping up. Against T1, however, RNG found their efforts stymied, and a lot of that was in the top lane. The LPL team’s top laner, Chen "Breathe" Chen, is a very skilled top laner in his own right, but in the opening game his Renekton was soon set hopelessly behind and Zeus’ Camille ran amok on the map. In game 2, it was the T1 top laner that suffered from the early “attention” on the enemy team, but despite the horrible start he recovered and his Jayce’s poke damage was key in turning what looked to be a likely RNG win around. Finally, in the third game his Yone was once more heavily in the lead and key to several teamfights that saw the LCK representatives complete the sweep and eliminate RNG from contention.

Stats of the Week

Zeus had a very good opening game in the series, with his Camille being both a splitpushing threat and a powerful presence in teamfights. On Jayce, he had a difficult start but eventually helped his team in the mid-game standoffs. He had a better game on Yone, racking up mid-game kills as T1 broke RNG’s resistance.

Game 1: Camille527
Game 2: Jayce0810
Game 3: Yone

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T1 will go on to face JD Gaming in the upcoming semifinals, where Zeus will take on another top laner we’ve seen step up on the international stage - JDG’s 369. Don’t miss their clash this Saturday, October 30th, from 11 PM CEST!