LoL: First Worlds Patch Contains Buffs For The Champions We Hate!

The League of Legends World Championship is just a few weeks away and Riot Games has announced, to work on a few changes for the meta. So can we expect the typical Lee Sin buffs before the start of the tournament? No, but it's even worse!

Yone yasuo
Just two of the buffed champs, Yone and his brother in lore Yone |©Riot Games

Well guys, it's that time of the year again. The regional leagues or going into their playoff stages and all participating team are aiming to qualify for the League of Legends World Championship in South Korea. There is a popular meme within the LoL community about the buffing of certain champions before the start of a big Tournament.

Now Riot's Lead Designer of the Balancing Team, Matt "RiotPrhoxzon" Leung-Harrison has revealed plans for the upcoming patches. It's hard to speak this out but : They buff champs we all hate! Read everything about it here.

Riot Buffs Yone And Yasuo Ahead Of LoL Worlds

On his Twitter page Phroxzon posts information regarding upcoming patches on a regular basis. This time for the 13.15 League of Legends Patch. His post includs a picture showing the planed Champs, which will receive buffs or nerfs. And two hated champions are in the buffed section, the community will love it, for sure.

According to the shared picture, Riot is planing to buff Yasuo and his brother Yone, two of the most feared champions in the whole game. This might enrage the community, especially in lower elo, where these two blade-swinging guys are feared like nobody else.

This might be a sign, that Riot hopes to bring these two champions slowly back into the meta, so skilled players can perform cool plays on them. This might sound like a conspiracy theory, but is a popular meme in the LoL community. We're looking at you Lee Sin, who seemingly gets buffed before every World's tournament.

But I have to admit, the INSEC's were cool af. At the moment there are no further information how the brothers are going to get buffed, but we will keep an eye on them of course. Especially after Phroxzon's words: "[...] but we're starting to get things in shape for Worlds meta that's coming up!".

The other buffed champions will be: Caitlyn, Gwen, Nami and Taliyah. So one for every lane it seems like. At the moment tanks have gained the control in the bot lane, so maybe a Nami buff will help to diversify the support meta. A buff fort Caitlyn is very interesting, since its very easy to make her too strong, due to her huge range and damage output. A Gwen buff might help against the tanks on toplane.

Nerfed Champions In Patch 13.15

Mecha aatrox
Aatrox is one of the champ, that will receive a nerf in the next patch |©Riot Games

Also announced were the nerfs for Champions, which are a little too strong on the current patch. Kai'Sa is one of them and will receive nerfs for her AP built, which is totally understandable, since she turned from an ADC to a long range AP poke champ. Also, the SoloQ-Menace from the top lane, Aatrox, will get nerfed, which is good news for every other champion in the game.

The other champions are Ivern, Maokai, Naafiri with her first nerf just one patch after being introduced to the game, Sejuani and Shyvana. So a lot of rather tanky champs are getting changes.

It will be interesting to see, how the nerfs will look like and which further changes will come in the upcoming patches. From now on, all the changes are aimed towards the Worlds meta. Maybe Lee Sin will get his buff in one of the next patches, let's keep an eye on it.

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