Games like League of Legends: The Best LoL Alternatives

Are you sick and tired of LoL? Do you want to try your hand at a different game, but not diverge too much from what you're used to? Then don't worry, we've got a list of games like League of Legends for you. These are the best LoL alternatives you can find!

Keria MSI 2022 Finals
If you're looking for LoL alternatives, check out these games like League of Legends. | © Riot Games

League of Legends has over 160 champions, but there might come a time when Riot will stop making new champions. When that time comes, you might want to consider playing a game like League of Legends. Hell, even now, with the toxic community you could be wanting to play something else, right?

That's why we've decided to check out the best LoL alternatives, in case you ever do want to play something else. Another Zoe one-shots you? Time to uninstall League of Legends and boot up a whole new MOBA. So, which games could you enjoy when you come from a League of Legends background?

These Are the Best LoL Alternatives

6. Pokémon Unite

We are starting the list off strong, right? Pokémon Unite is a free-to-play MOBA on mobile devices as well as the Nintendo Switch. It's a very simple take on the MOBA genre with Pokémon naturally levelling up as you play and try to storm the opponent's base. Hey, it's even realistic that Pikachu doesn't level up in Pokémon Unite, just like in the television series, right?

Pokemon unite header
Who doesn't love Pokémon? | © The Pokemon Company/Nintendo

If you need a less competitive break from League of Legends then this is the perfect choice for you. On the one hand, it's made to look and feel like a mobile game, even when playing on the Switch. It's also much more casual, and you won't really need to know how to 'build' the Pokémon since you just need to level them up, so they evolve to become stronger. Then, your team comp and skill will win out in the end.

5. Arena of Valor

We stick with the mobile games market for this one. Arena of Valor was released in 2016 and is practically the exact same game as League of Legends... just smaller. Just like in League of Legends, you choose a hero to play on a map in the 5v5 game. If you want a game that looks and feels like League of Legends then Arena of Valor it is.

Arena of valor 1
This might be a mobile game but it's pretty good. | © TiMi Studio Group

Arena of Valor is also available on the Nintendo Switch, much like Pokémon Unite, so if you feel that your phone screen isn't big enough, but you still want to enjoy some 5v5 MOBA action, then you can lie down in bed with the Switch.

4. Heroes of the Storm

In 2015, Blizzard released their own MOBA which incorporates characters from multiple Blizzard IPs. You loved Diablo, World of Warcraft and Starcraft? Then bring all that together in Heroes of the Storm. It's also quite an easy game for beginners, so even if you aren't an expert MOBA player, then Heroes of the Storm should still be a viable option for you.

Heroes of the Storm Header image
Go out there and try out a new game! | © Blizzard Entertainment

What makes Heroes of the Storm better than League of Legends, though? Besides the fact that you can have iconic characters from your favorite Blizzard games in the palm of your hand, Blizzard has also designed over 15 unique maps, which make games very fun and versatile as well. It's also more team-based with players sharing experience, which means a single player won't be able to carry as hard.

3. Smite

Another free-to-play MOBA you can check out as a League of Legends substitute is Smite. This game let's you control mythological creatures. Seriously, if you ever wanted to know what it's like to be Thor, Medusa or Sun Wukong, then you can do so when playing Smite. Sure, you're bringing together various mythologies, but that's what is so fun about it.

Smite Header Image
Thor? Hell yeah I'll give it a try. | © Titan Forge Games

Smite is also in third-person view and the game features multiple game modes, the most well-known being Conquest which is played out on a 3-laned map in a 5v5 setting, much like the MOBA's we know and love. But there are also other maps and game modes. The Arena game mode pits two teams of 5 against one another in an arena with no lanes or monsters. Sounds like an all-out brawl, but it could be fun, no? Seriously, if you need a breather, then Smite is the way to go.

2. Dota 2

It really doesn't get as close to League of Legends as Dota 2. This game is League of Legends on steroids. Do you want to feel like an utter genius while gaming? Then it's time to sit down and play some Dota 2 because even after hundreds of hours spent playing this game, you still won't get half the stuff happening. The game might look like League of Legends with a similar map and play pattern, but you'll quickly learn just how different Dota 2 really is.

Dota 2 Valve
Who wants to play some Dota 2? | © Valve

Dota 2 has a cast of over 120 heroes, being the game closest to League of Legends in terms of character choice. If you're into complex games and want to keep playing MOBA's, but you prefer being challenged, then giving Dota 2 a chance is a must. So, while the map and play style are the most similar to League of Legends, most LoL players will struggle when moving over to Dota due to the complexities of the game. Seriously, even after hundreds of hours, you'll still discover something new when playing Valve's Dota 2.

1. League of Legends

Okay guys, let's be real here. None of us are actually going to stop playing League for any of these competitors, right? Dota 2 has a community that can rival our own in terms of toxicity and jumping in as a noob can only spell disaster. Heroes of the Storm...? Sharing experience with the team? Who do we look like? Good people. No, thank you, fam. Let's be real, the only LoL alternative we will play is League of Legends because even if you delete the game, you wake up the next morning only to realize that in your sleep, you re-installed this hellish game.

Star Guardian Promo Art
League of Legends... it's a game we cannot escape. | © Riot Games

Seriously, no game can replace League of Legends if we're being honest. The characters and the world Riot has built has made it a unique experience. So, even if you want a mobile alternative, you won't be playing Arena of Valor but rather pick up Wild Rift, right? Right. So let's not kid ourselves, we can't and won't move on from League of Legends... at least not yet.

No other MOBA can reach the heights of League of Legends, but these are the ones you can and should try out if you want to get a taste of a different vibe from League, since each game brings its own unique flavor to the MOBA genre.