League of Legends Cosplay: The Best LoL Costumes

With more than 150 champions, League of Legends has a lot of cosplay potential. The Riot Games MOBA has millions of fans worldwide, so it's not surprising that some LoL-players started crafting real costumes of their favorite characters.

Katarina 0
League of Legends offers much Cosplay potential. (Credit: Riot Games)

Cosplay is truly an art in itself. And it's the perfect expression of fan love! After all, what greater compliment to a character is there, than wanting to be the character yourself? Well, here we present you a few of our favorite LoL cosplays!

LoL Cosplay Ideas: Number 1. Ahri (Narga Lifestream)

If you've seen her cosplays before you'll know that they are always on point! From the outfit, to the hair, to the face, you can tell how much love she puts into every cosplay!

Number 2. Ahri (Kinpatsu Cosplay)

Kinpatsu is a true League of Legends cosplay pro. She has already recreated so many characters and skins that we could hardly decide which one to pick. But with this Ahri cosplay, she has truly outdone herself!

Number 3. Katarina (Enji Night)

In our opinion, a Kata cosplay can't be missing from this list. During our search, we discovered the relatively unknown cosplayer Enji Night and were instantly in love! Of course, only with her cosplay...

Number 4. Sylas (Taryn)

Less is more! At least with the clothes for this cosplay. But the effects are the key reason why this League of Legends cosplay is so eye-catching. Good job!

Number 5. Leona (Timbercosplay)

We found another German contender for our list. This Leona cosplay is simply stunning, isn't it? It makes you want to print it out and hang it on your wall.

Number 6. Jinx (Liz Brickley)

Last but not least, we have a really good Jinx cosplay for you. Liz has the perfect vibe for Jinx, and steals the show! By the way, the lady next to her is Jessica Nigri. Thank us later!

Original article was written by EarlyGame author Laura Pippig.