Get Free RP: How To Participate In Daily LoL MSI Giveaways

Thanks to the occasion of the currently ongoing MSI 2023 in League of Legends, you've now got a chance to win a lot of RP. Sounds great, doesn't it? Let us show you how to take part in this giveaway, what the secret codes are, and what you can win!

Msi giveaway
Join and you'll get a chance to win some great prizes! | © Riot Games/Amazon

MSI 2023 is a great event in the hearts of League of Legends players. During it, you can not only cheer on your favorite teams, while experiencing the thrill, but also take part in the giveaway and receive great rewards!

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How To Participate In Daily LoL MSI Giveaways

To participate in the daily MSI 2023 Prime Gaming giveaway, you need to follow a few simple steps:

  1. Visit this page.
  2. Select today's giveaway below.
  3. Log in to the site with your Twitch, Facebook or Twitter account.
  4. Complete all tasks.

Remember that the giveaway takes place from May 9 till 21, so hurry up! The sooner you participate, the more prizes you can claim.

Daily LoL MSI Daily Giveaways Prizes

With the completed tasks, you participate in a lottery, in which the winner will claim up to 125,000 RP! Every day!

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Daily LoL MSI Daily Giveaways Secret Codes

While completing the tasks, you get points to increase your chances of winning the daily prize. You can get lots of points for the final task, but it requires entering a secret code. You don't have to look for them, we already have them prepared for you below:

  • Day 1 Secret Code: MSIPAGUXSCX
  • Day 2 Secret Code: DEFYMSIPRIME
  • Day 3 Secret Code: MSIX35ARROS
  • Day 4 Secret Code: MSIOEP7ADI4
  • Day 5 Secret Code: MSIBKV5EZEE
  • Day 6 Secret Code: MSIGTXKWCBE
  • Day 7 Secret Code: MSIAG2YETBO
  • Day 8 Secret Code: MSIUJ5DA35L
  • Day 9 Secret Code: MSITTA2CVTN
  • Day 10 Secret Code: MSI2QHHOLNP
  • Day 11 Secret Code: MSIHNXDJH6P
  • Day 12 Secret Code: MSIUSCXYMF

We will be updating the codes for each day - so stay tuned!

We wish you a lot of luck!

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