LoL Changes Leaked Early: Massive Buff To Junglers

The League of Legends devs think that jungling has become way too hard, and so to remove the barriers to entry, they're giving junglers a new tool. A pre-season article was accidentally released too early, and now we know that pets are coming to LoL!

Pets in lol
No! Don't hurt them! They'll be helping us in the jungle... | © Riot

Has the "jungler" role struggled to keep up with the rest of the meta? Do you think it's dated and needs a rework? If you were nodding as you read, the devs agree, and we can share some fantastic news with you. But if you love the current state of jungling...maybe it's time to switch roles?

I'm not a jungle main, so I have no horse in this race, but we got a sneak preview of the changes that are coming, and I think most players will be impressed. This seems like a really cool way to make the jungle more inviting to new players again, hell even I might give it a go (especially while the skins are this good). So, shall we take a look?

Junglers Are Getting... Pets!

A pre-season article from the LoL devs was accidentally released ahead of schedule, and now we know how they plan to buff junglers: pets. Yep, pets. That's actually not as mental as it might sound. They aren't going to give everyone a pack of wolves and let them do the work. The pets will start small and will require you to nurture them, but then they can begin helping you out with clearing and fighting monsters.

You can read all about these pets below (many thanks to @BessWisty for screenshotting this stuff before it was removed).

As the devs write, the idea here is to make jungle items more interesting and useful. They feel that jungle items have become lackluster, and frankly we agree.

What do you think? Are you interested in pets coming to League of Legends? Or are you still too busy enjoying the novelty of being a melee bot-laner?

Wait...does this mean K/DA-themed pet skins?