New Winterblessed LoL Skins: Release Date, Champions & Price

Riot just introduced some new winter skins and let's just say that they look absolutely amazing. Who would have thought I'd be attracted to Warwick of all champions, right? But the Winterblessed skins pull it off somehow.

Warwick Polaris
Who would have thought that Warwick could look this good, eh? | © Riot Games

The final skins of 2022 have been revealed and they're unlike anything we've gotten for winter yet. Sure, we usually had the Snowdown Showdownm skins, but these take winter to a whole new level and honestly... they kind of look dope!

Let's go over the Winterblessed skins, which champions will receive them and how much they will cost. Are you excited for these skins, or will you be saving your RP for future skins like some new Coven skins that could be released in 2023?

LoL Winterblessed Skins: All Champions Getting New Skins

Six champions will be getting Winterblessed skins. There are some champions on the list of champions that haven't received any skins in 2022 yet, so we're excited to see them getting some love with the final patch of the year. One champion has us especially hyped and that is the 1,000-day champion Zilean who will finally receive a skin!

  • Winterblessed Diana
  • Winterblessed Zilean
  • Winterblessed Swain
  • Winterblessed Shaco
  • Winterblessed Zoe
  • Winterblessed Warwick
  • Winterblessed Warwick Prestige Edition

To this point we've only gotten human champions as prestige skins, but this time aroudn Riot is flipping the script and letting all the furries in the community rejoice by turning Warwick into a sexy wolf in a suit. Who would have thought the new prestige skin concept would fit him so well, eh?

Not a fan of these skins? Well then you probably play Yuumi:

Upcoming Winterblessed Skin Costs

Now we have to talk about the price of these skins. It seems like they're all going to be 1350 RP and Epic Tier skins. So you should be good for these skins in terms of cost, right? You can definitely find a great skin amongst them for you. Riot might not bring back the winter map for Summoner's Rift, but at least some nice skins this year, eh?

Diana is going to be the exception though with her skin being a legendary, meaning it'll cost you 1820 RP.

Warwick will be on the receiving end of a prestige skin, which could be an event prestige, so you might have to farm some tokens to be able to purchase this skin, but let's be real... it's looking quite nice so we're going to be spending the big bucks on the event pass, eh?

Winterblessed Skin Release Date

These skins will be released in the final patch of the year. Yes, just one more patch and then we're going to be in 2023 already. It seems just like yesterday that we wrote about the first batch of skins of the year, which were skins for Gnar and Rek'Sai... well get ready for Patch 12.23 when the new Winterblessed skins release.

What will Riot cook up for the skins team in 2023? With some brand-new skins hitting the rift soon we can't wait to find out about some new unique themes that Riot will bring forth in the next season and the next year.

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