Next Ashen Knight Skin Confirmed

Ashen Knight Pyke was a huge success for Riot, so who will follow up after this quality skin?

When League of Legends decided to upgrade their mythic content, fans couldn't even imagine how popular these skins would become. Seriously, it seems like everyone who owns Pyke ended up with the Ashen Knight Pyke skin in their inventory.

Hextech skins are out and fans wanted something new and fresh, which the Ashen Knights skins gave them. But now that this mythic shop cycle is coming to an end in the next few weeks, some fans are wondering who the next Ashen Knight is going to be.

Which Champion Will Receive an Ashen Knight Skin?

The next Ashen Knight skin is going to be for Pantheon. Ashen Knight Pantheon will be the second mythic skin to hit the League of Legends mythic shop in 2022. According to the mythic content road map, these mythic skins will be updated every 3-months.

So, if you're a Pantheon main, then this could be a skin you'll want to save some Mythic Essence for. Here you can see what he looks like in-game.

EG Dashboard Yasuo
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How Much Will the Ashen Knight Pantheon Skin Cost?

This skin will likely cost as much as Ashen Knight Pyke cost, which means you can pick it up for 100 Mythic Essence in the League of Legends Mythic Shop. If you decided not to get Ashen Knight Pyke, or any of the fancy new Prestige Skins in the shop, then you could have enough to get Ashen Knight Pantheon.

What Is Included with Ashen Knight Pantheon?

According to the leaks, Ashen Knight Pantheon is going to be released with the same kit as Ashen Knight Pyke. That means you'll spend 100 Mythic Essence and receive this:

  • Ashen Knight Pantheon
  • Ashen Knight Pantheon Icon
  • Ashen Knight Pantheon Border

If you want to spend extra money, then you can also pick up the Ashen Knight Pantheon Chroma, which will give you an added 'fancier' icon as well. Pantheon will also get an exclusive ward and emote, much like Ashen Knight Pyke did.

When Will Ashen Knight Pantheon Release?

Ashen Knight Pantheon should be included in the mythic shop when rotates. Each new mythic skin will stay in the shop for 3-months, while the prestige skins change monthly. Only for the first iteration of the mythic shop did Riot reveal multiple skins all at once.

So, you can pick up Ashen Knight Pantheon in League of Legends Patch 12.12 along with some new prestige skins Riot will add into the shop.