Ashen Knight Pyke First New Mythic Skin

With the new Mythic Shop being added into the client soon, we've got a lot to look forward to – like the new Ashen Knight Pyke skin.

Ashen Knight Pyke in game
Not going to lie, but this skin looks dope. | © Riot Games

The first phase of the new mythic content that Riot has planned is taking effect quite soon. Let’s see what is in store for all of us who want some unique and rare content for our favourite MOBA.

What is going to be the first event that will take over the new mythic content, and which skins will be made available? Time to jump into all the mythic content right now!

Ashen Knights To Replace Hextech Skins

As stated in the 2022 season 12 introduction, the Hextech skins, which you previously had to craft with purple gemstones, will be replaced by rotating new thematics. The first of which is going to be the new Ashen Knights thematic.

Ashen Knight Pyke will be the first skin available in the mythic shop to purchase with the new currency that will replace both prestige points and gemstones – Mythic Essence (ME for short). So if you’re looking for a unique new Pyke skin, make sure to exchange your gemstones to Mythic Essence.

Return Of Old Prestige Skins To Mythic Shop

Along with the new Ashen Knights skin thematic, older prestige skins will also be making a comeback. So, if you’re not into the Ashen Knights aesthetic and prefer K-pop, then don’t worry, you can pick up some old K/DA prestige skins in the upcoming shop.

For those of you who earned their K/DA prestige skins already, you’ll be able to receive Commemorative prestige skins in recognition of your previous investment. Anyone who missed getting their hands on K/DA skins in 2018, you’ll be able to pick them up now with mythic essence.

New Mythic Content in Mythic Shop

With the new mythic shop hitting the rift, we will also be receiving new mythic content which you can pick up with Mythic Essence. The first will likely be an event prestige skin for Battle Kitten Jinx, which is going to be available in League of Legends Patch 12.6.

Of course, along with that, you’ll get the new Ashen Knights thematic, as well as older prestige skins and other unique content as well that hasn’t been disclosed yet by Riot Games. You’ll be able to earn mythic essence through missions, or by converting previous gemstones.

So, get ready for the new Ashen Knight skins, which will be exclusive to the mythic shop in 2022. The Ashen Knights thematic will only be part of the shop for the year before a new thematic is added to the mythic store.

One thing to also remember is that this is only phase 1 of the mythic content revamp! More is to come within the next few months.