League of Legends: Riot Reveal Newest Ashen Knight Skin - Fans Are Not Happy

In League of Legends, every three months a new skin is added into the Mythic Shop from the seasonal mythic skin lineup. With the introduction of the new mythic currency, Riot also revealed the first seasonal mythics – Ashen Knights. Who will be the third Ashen Knight though?

Ashe Knight Sylas splash
Sylas is the third Ashen Knight in League of Legends! | © Riot Games

Does Riot hate armor? The third skin of the Ashen Knight skin line has been revealed, and the skin is going to be going to the Demacian mage Sylas. One thing that stood out right away upon reveal was the lack of armor, which for someone who is supposed to be a knight could be an issue.

This is going to be the third Ashen Knight skin to be added into the Mythic Shop. What can you get with the skin though and is there going to be a chroma made available as well? Let’s check out everything we know about the newest Ashen Knight skin.

League of Legends: Fans Unhappy With Ashen Slayer Sylas Skin

Sylas is going to be the champion to don the next Ashen Knight skin in League of Legends. The first was released six months ago for Pyke when Riot overhauled the entire mythic shop. Gone are gemstones and prestige points, being replaced by Mythic Essence.

While Pyke was a huge success, it seems like Riot has dropped the ball on this skin line, with Pantheon and Sylas being overlooked completely. Online, players are joking about another knight not getting armor, which... is kind of true, these champions are supposed to be knights, but they're going shirtless more often than not, which could be a problem out on the battlefield, right? And Riot renaming Ashen Knight Sylas to Ashen Slayer Sylas really isn't going to make this any better.

No pentakills for Sylas this time around...

In the feedback thread on Reddit, many fans are stating that the original feedback given to Ashen Knight Pantheon seems to have been completely overlooked and the skins team simply copy and pasted all the issues the community raised right back onto Ashen Knight Sylas.

Many fans are stating that this skin is lazy and completely out of touch with what the community is asking for. This comes after some pretty lack lustre skins with the Zenith Games skins as well and mountains of feedback on the previous Ashen Knight skin.

Ashen Slayer Sylas Cost

This skin is going to be released for 100 Mythic Essence in the Mythic Shop along with the unvaulted prestige skins and older mythic skins. With the release of a new skin we are also going to be getting a new Ashen Knight ward, as well as an emote. Ashen Slayer Sylas will also be receiving the Emberwoken Chroma which you can pick up for 40 ME.

Mythic Shop ContentCost
Ashen Slayer Sylas + Icon & Border100 ME
Ashen Knight Ward50 ME
Emberwoken Chroma40 ME
Ashen Slayer Sylas Emote25 ME

You'll be able to pick up the new Ashen Slayer Sylas in LoL Patch 12.18 if you really want to spend you precious Mythic Essence on it... or you can wait and hope that True Damage Qiyana will finally get unvaulted.