LoL: Possible Mid-Scope Update For Neeko Leaked

When will Riot finally release Neeko's mid-scope update? Probably in 2023, but if you're truly curious, then you can check out the leaks below to know what her kit could look like come 2023.

Star Guardian Neeko
Is Neeko going to be worth playing after her Mid-Scope Update? | © Riot Games

Neeko is one of the least played champions in the entire game. Her kit isn't as interactive as many would like and she also feels weaker than many of the other mid laners in the game. Therefore, she is going to be one of the next champions to receive a mid-scope update. Whether that's before the rumoured Rell MSU has not been announced yet though.

As is usual with these things, data miners and leakers have been hard at work and it seems that someone has found Neeko's potential new kit. So let's go over the new abilities quickly and judge whether they're an upgrade for the champion.

Neeko Mid-Scope Update: These Are the Potential New Abilities for the LoL Champ

Neeko has been struggling in recent times in terms of play rate. Sure, she had a short resurgence when Kalista was strong, but the duo of Kalista and Neeko just isn't enough to make her a stand-out champion, especially in the mid lane. So this is what Riot has done to try and fix her.

All of her abilities would be reworked, except for her E which seems to be staying the same. These are the new abilities in her kit.

AbilityAbility Text
Passive - Shoma EssenceNeeko's Attacks deal additional magic damage. Every third attack, Neeko's next three attacks happen as one but each only at 60% effectiveness and Neeko gains 10% move speed for 1 second.
Q - Blooming BurstNeeko throws a seed that blooms 3 times dealing magic damage. The last bloom also deals a % of mission health as magic damage instead and affects a larger area.
W - ShapesplitterNeeko and her closest ally in range briefly slip out of sight, granting invisibility. Neeko disguises herself as that ally for 3 seconds and projects a clone that lasts for 3 seconds. Neeko, her ally and the clone gain 20% move speed for 3 seconds. When the clone expires, collides with an enemy champion or is hit, it turns into a Blooming Burst.
R - Pop BlossomNeeko wins up with Shoma Essence over 1.5 seconds, causing a burst dealing magic damage and applying stacking 33% slow to nearby enemies hit for 1 second every 0.5 seconds. For the last burst, Neeko leaps into the air and deals magic damage instead.

A huge change is definitely going to be her passive, which is basically just her current W passive. This will make her much stronger and a bigger threat even if it just seems like a small change. It will be much, much stronger.

Her W is going to undergo the biggest change of the entire kit, which make sense since it's probably her weakest abilities. Enabling her teammate to also go invisible will be great, and the added movement speed is also going to be nice. The fact that her clone will now also Bloom when hitting an opponent is a great change as well.

Overall, Neeko's kit like this will be much better, thought it'll be a bit sad to not run around as an allied champion all over the map anymore. These changes would improve her though and hopefully make her a much more liked champion. It worked for Syndra, so now it's time to make it work for Neeko as well!

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