Riot Announced 1-Year Anniversary Event for Arcane

Arcane is already one year old... who would have thought that we've survived this long without a Season 2. But now Riot is celebrating with a mysterious Arcane event.

LoL Arcane
We want Season 2... but this event will have to do for now. | © Riot Games/Netflix

Arcane was the biggest hit of 2021. It was short, only nine episdoes, but those nine episodes live rent free in our minds to this day. Now, one year after the release of this insane show we're getting a little celebratory event to keep us coming back for more.

Season 2 is confirmed and we will likely be getting much more content from other regions in Runeterra as well in the coming years. But before all that we will have to stay patient and Riot knows that, which is why they're giving fans a small 1-year-anniversary event.

Arcane Event for Arcane Fan Community

Riot revealed the event through a tweet dedicating it to the 'Arcane Community'. In the announcement of the Arcane 1-year-anniversary event Riot explained that they were "completely humbled by the response" of the viewers and the fans.

We've seen your support across beautiful fan art, creative cosplays, and your passionate tweetys. We can't thank you enough for being a huge part of our journey and look forward to more celebrations.

Arcane 1-Year-Anniversary Event Dates

We also got to find out about some important dates for this Arcane celebration so get out your calendar and mark these event dates down. Some information has still been kept a secret and we will likely find out more on the date. So these are the days you need to keep an eye on:

  • November 8, 2022: Reddit AMA with Arcane Creators
  • November 9, 2022: [Redacted] Drop
  • November 16, 2022: Rocklove Jewelry x Arcane Drop
  • November 18, 2022: [Redacted] Remix

So, we will be getting a huge Reddit AMA (ask me anything) with the creators first. Make sure to check that out since there could be some spicy information given for the potential upcoming seasons. If you're interested in the process of making the show this is a must-read Reddit AMA.

We will also be receiving some more collaborations, something which Arcane had more than enough of. Remember their collab with Fenty Beauty? Or the insane collab where Jinx was brought into Arcane? Yeah, so now we'll be receiving some Arcane themed jewelry as well.

The remix will likely be a remixed version of one of the soundtracks. Which song would you love to get a remix of? Oh, and what could the drop be...? A trailer? Likely not, but we are inhaling that hopium as we speak.