Arcane Season 2: War Will Wage on Between Piltover & Zaun

Fans are desperately waiting for more news on Arcane season 2. In a recent Reddit, AMA we were graced with some new hints on what will await us in the second instalment of the hit Netflix series.

Riot x Arcane
What has been revealed about the next season? | © Riot Games

In celebration of Arcane, the Emmy Award-winning series, Riot is holding a small 1-year-anniversary event. This event included a Reddit AMA with Christian "Riot Praeco" Linke and Alex "Riot Skribbles" Yee. Fans got to ask the creators of the series a multitude of questions regarding the upcoming second season.

Of course, we only got small hints of what could be coming in the next installment of the season, but these breadcrumbs were enough to get fans hyped for the upcoming season once more. Oh, and we might also be getting an art book soon so be on the lookout for that as well.

Arcane Season 2: Where Will the Plot Take Fans?

Of course, fans were hoping for some concrete information on the second season of Arcane which is currently in development. The first season ended so abruptly it had fans wanting more right away. So, what will the future of Piltover & Zaun look like in Arcane Season 2?

We are going to be staying in the twin cities for this next installment, though the duo have expressed their desire to also look into other regions, such as the Freljord, Noxus and Ionia. When asked whether season 2 would be the final chapter of Piltover & Zaun, Linke did not give a definitive answer.

This is what we've pieced together ahead of the AMA in terms of Season 2 possibilities:

The creators were also asked to describe the second season in a single word. Linke went with "war" which does indicate that any and all attempts of peace talks have gone out the window with the final scene in which Jinx fires her rocket in an attempt to take down the Piltover council.

Yee summed up season 2 with the word "Rubicon", which could mean that we've reached a point of no return. "Crossing the Rubicon" is an idiom stemming from Julius Caesar crossing the river and triggering Caesar's civil war. Could this refer to the Jinx rocket moment as well, which caused the war between Piltover & Zaun Linke mentioned before? Or will this be a reference to the glorious revolution and Viktor?

Character Returns in Season 2

Of course, we do have to think of some fan favorite characters and their return to the series. Yee did state that it will be solidly possible for Mel Medarda to make a return. Many fans have speculated that she won't actually die in the explosion at the end of the season.

Jayce is also in the Council room and we know he survives for sure so the likelihood of Mel making it to season 2 is high. We do wonder how this incident will shape her character going forward though.

Overall, we can expect a lot of interactions between the characters, with the creators promising more interaction between Jinx and Ekko, as well as hinting at scenes between Cait and Vi as well. A release date or anything was not touched upon so we're going to have to stay patient for any more upcoming news on Arcane Season 2.

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