League of Legends: Will This Be G2 Esports in 2023?

The off-season is spicy with some of these rumours. Until now nothing has been confirmed, but in about a week the official news will drop. So let's check out who could be on G2 Esports in 2023.

Mikyx Excel
Will Mikyx be back on G2 Esports? | © Riot Games

G2 Esports has had quite a year. Their CEO has resigned, they failed to make it out of groups at the 2022 League of Legends World Championship and now they're going to re-build their entire roster more or less.

But in this rebuild we've also seen a few familiar faces out there. So, who is leaving G2 Esports, and who will we be seeing in the 2023 season, donning the black, white and red jersey? Let's go over all the off-season rumours for G2 Esports right now.

G2 Esports Will Reportedly Bring Back Mikyx

Mikyx was replaced at the beginning of the year with Targamas in the support position. It seems though that the bot laner for Excel will be coming back to his old squad. This is a similar story as that of Carzzy who left the MAD Lions ahead of the 2022 and will make his return to the roster.

So, with Mikyx returning to G2 Esports in 2023 who will they pair him up with in the bot lane? According to insider Brieuc Seeger aka LEC Wooloo the bot lane for G2 Esports will be complete when former Team Liquid bot laner Hans Sama makes his return to Europe for 2023. So, according to sources Mikyx and Hans Sama will be the duo in the bot lane for G2 Esports.

Young Jungle Talent Joining G2 Esports

Martin "Yike" Sundelin, a two-time LFL champion will likely be the jungler for G2 Esports in the coming season. The 21-year-old has spent the last year on LDLC OL in the French regional league, winning the LFL two times.

G2 Esports also offered MAD Lions jungler Elyoya a contract but he refused and it seems that he will be staying with MAD for the foreseeable future.

BrokenBlade and CaPs Stay

The solo lanes of G2 Esports will likely stay the same in the coming season. With a young jungler playing around CaPs we could see some incredible plays happen once more. CaPs is the most dominant player in the LEC and fans are hoping that with a rebuild of this size the team will be able to reach the same heights it did in 2019.

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