LCS Playoffs Will Have a Live Audience!

It has felt like forever since we've got to see fans in the LCS arena and hear their cheers. It's been almost two years, to be exact. The COVID situation took hold of the LCS in Match 2020, so we're excited to find out that the playoffs will be in front of a live audience once more.

Lcs summer 2019 finals determined
These are the photos we're excited for. | © Riot Games

While the LEC has signed off on their regular season already, the LCS is still in full fight mode this Spring Split. Team Liquid, FlyQuest and Cloud9 are dominating the league, while TSM and CLG lag behind, we still have three weeks of exciting regular season content before we get started on the playoffs. The playoff race is tight, so it's hard to tell who is going to make it to the playoffs this year, but that's what makes League of Legends so exciting.

And to make us even more hyped for the playoffs this year, we know that fans will be able to attend.

Riot Announced Ticket Sales For The Playoffs

The rest of the regular split will be played in front of an empty arena, but that shouldn't discourage any fans in the Los Angeles area, because Riot just announced that there will be a crowd during the finals! Ticket sales will start on March 17, 2022. These tickets will be for the games at the LCS Studios in Santa Monica, California. But wait, that's not all! Riot also announced that ticket sales for the finals will also available at a later date!

The finals will take place at NRG Stadium in Houston, Texas. Usually you'd see the Houston Texans play there in front of 72,000 fans, but we doubt that this many seats will be made available for the LCS finals this year. But even having just 10 or 20 thousand fans come watch would already be a huge step up from the empty seats we've been dealing with for the last two years.

The last finals that still had a live audience was back in 2019 at Little Ceasars Arena in Detroit, Michigan, where the Pistons and Red Wings often take center stage. Back then, Team Liquid faced off against Cloud9 for the title of LCS champions. Team Liquid left the event victorious, and this season it looks like we might be seeing a rematch in Texas.

Are There Restrictions For The Audience?

By now, we know that Riot does take everyone's health very serious. While thousands of people were squeezed into SoFi Stadium for the 2022 Superbowl, a few hundred fans were still barred from going to the LCS Arena. Riot has made it clear that they want to be sure that everyone going to their events will stay healthy, and honestly? Kudos to them.

Riot has already announced which precautions they'll be taking for anyone wanting to come to a playoff game. If you want to come to the LCS Arena, and later the finals in Texas, everyone is going to have to bring a negative COVID test or a vaccine certificate. Inside the arena, everyone will have to wear masks. But even these restrictions will bring some life into the arena, and we are finally going to have a live audience in the LCS again!

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