LCS Playoffs Recap: EG Fights on and C9 Is in the Final

Cloud9 continues its strong performance in the LCS playoffs, defeating Spring champions 100 Thieves in a 3-1 series to take the upper bracket seed in the grand final. Evil Geniuses, meanwhile, survived two five-game series against TSM and Team Liquid and will take on 100 Thieves in the lower bracket semis.

LCS Impact 0609
An impressive series of games crowned by a Pentakill made Impact an asset for EG | © Riot Games

The LCS playoffs continued last week with several much-awaited matches. In the upper bracket, spring champions 100 Thieves would take on a Cloud9 that delivered the big upset of the split so far by defeating first seed Evil Geniuses in a 3-1 series. Evil Geniuses, meanwhile, would face on a rejuvenated TSM and the winner would take on Team Liquid match for a chance to secure a top 3 spot and a Worlds seed. Between the very impressive - until the loss to C9 - EG, the star-studded TL lineup and a TSM that looked poised to salvage what at one point looked like hopeless season, the LCS lower bracket was about to see a war.

Evil Geniuses 3-2 TSM

Evil Geniuses took on TSM and despite expectations, the underdogs secured the first victory after a long and close game where in the end a single pick decided the game. EG looked stronger in the next one, however, and an early Ocean soul and good teamfighting won them what looked to be a close game after an ace 35 minutes in. Things went from bad to worse for TSM in the next game as a botched tower dive in the bot lane gave their opponents four kills and an early lead. EG stayed ahead throughout the game until they got four kills near the Elder Dragon and used them to secure the win.

Ironically, the next game was also decided by a badly executed tower dive, though in this case it was EG’s mistake that cost them. TSM continued finding early teamfights until Huang "Maple" Yi-Tang’s Azir ran amok in the fight 28 minutes in to get an ace and tie the series.The final game was quite close and TSM even secured the first Baron before rolling the dice with a fight near the drake that cost them four kills. Joseph Joon "jojopyun" Pyun’s Swain proved clutch in the late fights, however, and with a Baron and Cloud soul EG eventually closed out the game to take the series

100 Thieves 1-3 Cloud9

In the upper bracket, 100 Thieves had a good start to the opening game against Cloud9, but what looked like a catch on the enemy jungler 23 minutes in ended in disaster as the rest of his team came to reinforce. Cloud9 equalized the game and it remained close until a nerve-wracking split-push by Nicolaj "Jensen" Jensen.

The C9 mid laner started strong in game 2 as well, but 100T’s picks and dragon control helped them keep the game close. Eventually, a clutch teamfight ended with an ace for the Thieves, who picked up an Ocean soul and a Baron. Now firmly in the lead, they did not drop the ball and equalized the series. Cloud9 were not done, however, and after several kills on the 100T top laner came out of the early game with a considerable lead. They played a clean, solid game and after 31 minutes of play were on match point.The fourth game started slow and while the teams would occasionally trade minor wins, the game stayed close well into the mid-game. Cloud9’s early dragon control and eventual Infernal soul came up clutch 42 minutes into the game, however, as they caught Felix "Abbedagge" Braun and monstered through the fight to close out the game and secure a spot in the finals.

Evil Geniuses 3-2 Team Liquid

If Evil Geniuses thought that their match against Team Liquid would be less dramatic than the one against TSM, they were in for a surprise. In the opening game, the two teams brawled through, but neither secured an advantage until EG managed to take the first Baron and used it to break in the enemy base. The second time they went for it, a pick on the TL mid laner was all they needed to push and win the game.The teams were neck and neck for a long time in game two as well, as even an early Baron for Liquid did not give them a big lead. The decisive fight came 29 minutes in near the Dragon pit and while it went back and forth, it ended in an Ace for TL. They took over the map and with the next Baron, pushed in the EG base to tie the series.The two teams continued being very close in the next game, with only a single decisive teamfight win giving TL the victory that put them on match point. However, TL's victory was not eant to be. despite a good start to the fourth game, their aggression in trying to kill Jeong "Impact" Eon-young backfired several times and handed EG the lead - and to top it off, in the final fight of the game the Korean top laner got a Pentakill on his Gangplank.

Team Liquid's problem with overcommitting cost them dearly in the next game as well. EG dominated the map in the mid-game and eventually got the Mountain Soul. While TL still managed to find some teamfight success, EG managed to prevail in the decisive fight near the Elder dragon and with it and a Baron buff secured the win to lock themselves into a top 3 spot and a Worlds seed.

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The LCS continues next week as EG takes on 100 Thieves in the lower bracket semifinal, with the winner facing off against Cloud 9 for the LCS title on Sunday. Don’t miss it!