C9 & TL Tied For First Place After LCS Super Weekend

The LCS super weekend took charge, with each team playing 3 times. How did the top tier teams fare?

TL Bjergsen
Bjergsen had to face off against his former team this weekend. How did he fare? | © Riot Games

It was the super weekend in the LCS this past week. One weekend, each team playing three games. All for a push to make it into playoffs. The LCS has been exciting with teams neck-and-neck, FlyQuest and TL making up the front of the pack before the weekend. Will things change after the super weekend

TSM Continues To Struggle

TSM had built an interesting roster ahead of the 2022 season, but no one would have thought that it would crash and burn so spectacularly. This weekend, the team wasn’t able to get anything done either, only resulting in pointless Twitter squabbles.

The team couldn’t manage a win against Counter Logic Gaming, who were deemed on the same level of bad as TSM. Of course, facing 100 Thieves and Team Liquid, two of the best teams in the LCS, wouldn’t be easy and TSM faltered both times.

TSM now stands at 1 - 8 and things will really have to change for the org.

TL and C9 Tied for First

Team Liquid might have kicked the super weekend off with an unexpected loss to Golden Guardians, but they managed to bounce back with consecutive wins against both TSM and Dignitas, setting their record to 7 - 2. This, without their star support CoreJJ once more, who sat out this weekend due to personal reasons.

The win against TSM feels even better for mid laner Bjergsen who spent most of his career on the opposing org, having made a name for himself as TSM’s mid laner before retiring in 2020 and joining the team as a coach.

Cloud9 has looked great ever since the drama surrounding former head coach LS happened. The team managed to go 3 - 0, catapulting them into the first place along with Team Liquid, both teams standing at 7 - 2 after the weekend.

FlyQuest Go 0 - 3 This Super Weekend

FlyQuest, who have looked great going into the super weekend, did not have a great time. They lost to Cloud9, then ended up getting surprised by Immortals as well, who managed to get in a win. Evil Genius seems to also find their flow with a win against FlyQuest — well, now we know which teams hate the environment, right?

FlyQuest is now tied for third place along with 100 Thieves and Golden Guardians. Ahead of the spring split, no one would have thought that Golden Guardians be this far up in the standings. Granted, they’re tied with two other teams, and the LCS in general is extremely tight, but this was a roster many believed would get bodied.

Evil Genius, Immortals and Dignitas are all tied for sixth place with a 4 - 5 record. Evil Genius managed to win two of their three games this weekend, only losing unexpectedly to CLG of all teams. Otherwise, they could have earned a fifth place finish after the weekend concluded.

How will the LCS continue for the rest of the spring split? Right now, it looks like anyone can make it to MSI in May. Will it be Team Liquid? Will C9 prevail? Or will it be an underdog team like FlyQuest or even Golden Guardians?

Table After Week 4 of LCS


Team Liquid7-2
Golden Guardians5-4
100 Thieves5-4
6Evil Genius4-5
9Counter Logic Gaming3-6