League of Legends: T1 Adds New Mid Laner to Team

T1's LoL team just made an insane new addition to their entire roster. Due to some international event rules, they've had to find a new mid laner to add to the squad.

Faker LCK Spring 2023
Just look at Faker... who could replace him?!| © Riot Games

On February 15, 2023 T1 made an official announcement on Twitter, explaining that they were going to add a new mid laner to the lineup because of international rules. This was done in-case of T1 making it to the 2023 Mid-Season Invitational in London, England later this year.

Does this mean Faker has been replaced?

T1 Coach Now Under Player Contract

T1 made an announcement, explaining that Kim "Sky" Ha-neul, a former SKT T1 mid laner and current T1 coach, will be switching to the player position starting with the second half of th Spring LCK season. The reason behind this switch? International rules from Riot.

Faker has made enough cash and now he's peacing out:

International events hosted by Riot Games (such as MSI and Worlds) [require] a participating team to register at least one subsistute player.

Because of this, Riot have given Sky a new contract as a player, since he will need to have an official player contract and be registered if he wants to count as a substitute player for the team.

The team also announced that even if Sky is registered as a player he will continue to work as a coach for the team. This was done after discussing the situation with Sky himself, as well as head coach Bengi.

So, while T1 is getting a brand-new mid laner, this won't affect the team's current situation and the team will continue to play as a five man and four coach squad throughout the rest of the 2023 LCK Spring Split.

T1 will play their next game on Friday, February 17 against Liiv Sanbox.

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