League of Legends: This Is How Each Team Will Qualify For The LEC Season Finals

The group stage is up next in the LEC summer split, and nine teams are still in contention for a spot in the season finals. However, not every team has the same chances to participate. Here is all you need to know.

SK Gaming
SK Gaming have their destiny in their own hands. | © Wojciech Wandzel/Riot Games

One thing has to be said right away: three teams already have their fate decided. G2 Esports and MAD Lions are automatically qualified for the season finals as winter and spring split champions. Astralis, on the other hand, are out of contention and will no longer participate in the 2023 season. The seven other teams are fighting for the remaining four spots in the season finals.

Well, at least six of them are actually fighting – Team Vitality are eliminated from the summer split and find themselves at the mercy of their competitors. More about them later, though.

LEC Season Finals: BDS And KOI Have The Best Chances Ahead Of Group Stage

FNC vs BDS Crowdshot 2
BDS have it easy while Fnatic need to fight for their spot in the season finals. | © Wojciech Wandzel/Riot Games

BDS have it easy: a sixth place, earned by winning at least one match in the group stage, will guarantee them a spot in the season finals. KOI will qualify in the same way as long as the playoffs finals are not held between Fnatic and Team Heretics.

SK Gaming have their destiny in their hands as well. Currently ranking sixth in the championship points standings, a playoff participation would see them qualify for the season finals in any case. A top six finish, achieved by winning at least one match in the group stage, would at least see them overtake Vitality.

The Bottom Three Teams Are Fighting For Their Lives As Vitality Is The Most Vulnerable Opponent

XL Patrik
Excel Esports need to make a very far run into the LEC summer playoffs if they want to qualify for the season finals. | © Wojciech Wandzel/Riot Games

The bottom three teams in the championship points standings have a more difficult task at their hands, as missing the playoffs would result in an end of their 2023 campaign in any case. Fnatic and Team Heretics will want to improve their chances with a successful playoffs run instead of taking fourth place and going home.

Excel Esports have to make it to the top three in order to have a chance to qualify, as they are looking to make up for two tenth-place campaigns in winter and spring. However, in order to overtake Vitality and thereby improve their chances further, they will have to make it to the grand finals of the playoffs.

Vitality's chances look grim as they can not collect any further championship points. If SK Gaming manage to overtake them, they need Fnatic, Heretics and Excel to miss out on high points-scoring positions. Should any of those three teams overtake them while SK make top six, Vitality will fail to qualify for the season finals.

Who Will Make It To The Season Finals?

The season finals will take place from August 19 to September 10. The top three teams will qualify for the 2023 World Championship. Fourth place will qualify for the Worlds Qualifying Series, where they will face off against the fourth seed from LCS for a spot in the World Championship Play-Ins.

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