YearIn.LoL: How To View All Your Stats From 2022

League of Legends has a very dedicated community, which is very interested in their personal statistics. Now a new website has gone online with all your stats of last year's season. ead everything about it here.

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A new statistic-website for LoL has gone online |©Riot Games

For some LoL players, it's all about their personal performances and achievements. They're checking their individual statistics in websites like all the time. Now there is a new side, called YearIn.LoL, that provides you with all of your personal statistics for 2022. Here is how you can view them all.

YearIn.LoL: This Is How You Can ViewYour Stats From 2022

Statistic sites are nothing new in the League of Legends landscape. Some sites know your play style and favorite champions better than you yourself and gained a ton of users in the last years. League gamers use them for different reasons, like checking your individual performances, the stats of your opponents, the best item builds, runes and so on.

Now a new website has entered the realm and promises all users most accurate statistics about their games in 2022. "YearIn.LoL" made a big splash with their announcement and made some users very happy, according to the Reddit comments.

YearIn.LoL Explained

In the League of Legends Subreddit, the user "RickLUL" presented the new website and all of their functions. According to Rick, they "downloaded every SINGLE game from 2022" to provide "all the standard numbers you expect".

We downloaded every SINGLE game from 2022, archiving every single one of your hard-earned Disco Nunu deaths and Katarina pentakills. Shockingly, our data set doesn’t include any wards placed by marksmen. We have all the standard numbers you expect - KDA, most kills, most kills on average per game, etc. But you’re here for the good stuff.

Introducing YearIn.LoL - Your personalized League of Legends 2022 wrap-up
by u/RickLUL in leagueoflegends

Rick continues with the features of the website. According to him, they built up several different leaderboards from all the gathered information and stats. Also, there is the multisearch and the promise of a some "shiny infographs", which are summarizing all your personal stats.

All you have to do is visit the website and type in your ingame name.

This is our first year doing this, and we have a lot of plans for next year. If you have any kind of input on what kind of data you’d like to see in the next iteration (or just any features you think are worthy to be on the site), please let us know

Community Reactions To YearIn.LoL

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The Reddit communty has a positive stand towards the new website |©Riot Games

It seems to be the case, that the LoL community is very positive towards the new website. A lot of excited users commented below the announcement. Especially, the design of the site was praised, repeatedly. For example, by the user "Boudynasr", "the design of the website is so neat and well done, very clean work". Or the user "paulofci", who wrote:

Really good! Interesting and funny facts! And everythink is really good looking! Continue this man!

It will be interesting to see, how the site will develop in the future and how many people are going to use it. And as stated by the Reddit post, the devs are working on even more features and want to involve the community doing so.

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