LoL Players Believe This One Bot Champ Is Currently An Issue

One champion has dominted the bot lane, but players are sick and tired of this pick and hope it'll get nerfed soon.

Infernal Karthus skin
LoL players are sick and tired of this champion in the bot lane. | © Riot Games

The bot lane has become a wild west, with new picks becoming meta every single patch. There is one champion though that has kept his win rate at around the 53% mark, no matter what the balance team has been doing.

Now, players are discussing whether this OP pick is finally going to be getting some nerfs and if it is even necessary to do so.

LoL Players Wonder Whether Karthus Is Too OP

Does nobody else find Karthus bot an issue?
by u/fakecorean in leagueoflegends

Karthus has become one of the best bot lane champions in League of Legends throughout Season 13. He's continuously at a 54% or 53% win rate, no matter what the balance team does to the bot lane. While he isn't the most popular bot laner, he is strong and has some players worried.

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Some players believe that the champion has become way too strong and Riot isn't doing anything to try and reel it back. Last year, APC Seraphine had also become one of the most valued bot lane picks thanks to her utility and damage.

Some players believe that Karthus bot is dependent on how well someone plays this pick, while the majority of players disagree, saying that simply locking in Karthus could win them a game. It's the strong early game for Karthus that puts him ahead of other champions, thanks to his Q spam.

His passive, which lets him use abilities even after he's died, is another reason why he is so strong. Especially in early fights and skirmishes where he might go down. This also means he won't lose too much gold by dying – similar to our favorite top lane menace Sion, eh?

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Pentakill Karthus OG
Karthus is just way too good! | © Riot Games

Earlier this year, Tyler1 used this pick to make it to Challenger on the EUW server, since it's one of the strongest bot lane picks thanks to the amount of Gold he's able to farm and how safe he is. It doesn't seem like Riot is going to be nerfing him anytime soon.

Karthus bot has a pretty low play rate of around 2.5%, which is much lower than Veigar, who also had a stint in the bot lane when his range had been adjusted and then spammed, which could be a reason why the balance team has continued to ignore this OP pick for now.

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