LoL Players Want One Key Change To Smite For New Players

For anyone looking to get into jungling in League of Legends, having the summoner spell Smite is key. But there is one issue with the spell players want changed.

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LoL Players want Riot to make these changes! | © Riot Games

Summoner Spells are a key part of playing League of Legends. Players know that when they play a certain role, some spells are just a must-take and for any LoL jungler out there Smite is your best friend, and yet there are some problems with it.

A player has wondered about Summoner Spells and how they impact the game, especially for new players, but then realized there is one issue, especially with Smite. It's not available to everyone from the get-go.

LoL Players Wonder Why Smite Is Not Available At Level 1

When players start off playing League of Legends, they are only given a small assortment of Summoner Spells to choose from and well... Smite is not included. As the player gains more experience they also unlock more spells that they're able to use in the game.

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Players have to wait nine levels until they're able to get smite in their inventory and some players are pretty confused by this rule, since some might want to be junglers and learn how the role works as quickly as possible. Instead, they're forced to play 2-1-2 games in the beginning or into another role before they can start jungling.

Why is smite not unlocked at level 1 when it is literally required to play jungle?
by u/realJonas in leagueoflegends

Some players on Reddit did explain that due to there not even being a decent jungle tutorial within the game, new players to League of Legends, won't have enough know-how on how to jungle to even use the summoner properly.

Also, new players might not even really understand the different roles, or the fact that by taking smite you're also going to be getting a jungle item, meaning less gold and experience for you in lane. Therefore, Riot gatekeeps the summoner spell behind a level wall to ensure that players know enough about the game before going off into the jungle.

Of course, this would mean that every level 1 account out there is a brand-new player and for anyone who wants to play in a new region, or just use a smurf without paying any money for an account, is not included in this mindset.

Other summoner spells are also unlocked as you play, so Smite is not the only issue. For now new players will have to live with Ghost and Heal.

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