LEC Playoffs Round 1 MVP: ROG Comp

Rogue stood triumphant over rivals MAD Lions and their AD Carry Markos "Comp" Stamkopoulos was the man of the hour.

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It didn't stop there | © Riot Games

With the playoffs kicking off last week, the top six teams of the League of Legends European Championship had a best of five series to play. MAD Lions faced off against Rogue in what has recently become of, G2 Esports took on Misfits Gaming who had given them trouble before, and Fnatic went against Excel Esports in a match that would be the last match one of them would play this summer. We were hoping to see some great League of Legends, and so we did.

We had previously predicted Rogue as the likely winner of their series, but we expected it to be a very close fight. The two teams gave us a back-and-forth five game series that showed some great play and a few weaknesses from both of them. Rogue was at one point 2-1, but managed to come back from the brink. It was a team effort for sure, yet for us, their AD Carry Markos "Comp" Stamkopoulos is the MVP of the match - and of the weekend.

Five of a Kind

Comp played a different champion in every one of Rogue's five games this weekend, and he gave a good account of himself in all five. In the opening game, his Zeri was solid, though occasionally his aggression was punished and ultimately the Zeri did not have the frontline to take over the game. The next game MAD left Sivir open and they soon regretted it, as he first got a 2v2 kill with a fadeaway boomerang before becoming a lategame monster and scoring a Pentakill - his second for the split.

What followed was a nightmare game for any ADC as Comp's Jhin was heavily targeted and set behind in lane. He ended the game deathless and with several kills, but it was not enough to turn the game around. MAD Lions tried to set behind his Lucian in game four as well, but he made multiple picks and followed up well on teammate Andrei "Odoamne" Pascu's engages for another impressive showing. In the decisive game, he played Caitlyn, and made good use of traps and damage to help Rogue control the map.

Stats for the Week

Comp looked the best in games two and four, but maintained a solid KDA in all five games, including in Rogue's two defeats.

Game 1: Zeri562
Game 2: Sivir827
Game 3: Jhin3


Game 4: Lucian8


Game 5: Caitlyn3



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Rogue will face off against G2 Esports in the upper bracket semifinals on September 3rd. Will Comp once more help his team defeat one of their big rivals and secure a top 2 spot, or will G2 be a bridge too far?