LEC Superweek Ends with Wins for Rogue, Fnatic

The three-day opening weekend is over. After fifteen games, Rogue and Fnatic continue their winning series, one win ahead of G2 Esports and Mad Lions. Meanwhile, Team Vitality have flopped at the start - can the superteam recover?
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Misfits and BDS kicked off Day 3 | © Riot Games

The opening week of the LEC concluded on Sunday with the third day of games. The day would feature several big clashes that could help us get a better idea of where everyone was standing, as well as several more games that would help ascertain the level of the teams.

Quick Win for Misfits

Misfits Gaming faced off against Team BDS in the opening game. The newcomers took the first two kills, but then Misfits equalized and eventually got a gold lead for themselves. Ilias "NUCLEARINT" Bizriken was once more a point of strength for BDS, but he was not enough to hold Misfits’ determined assault back - and after an ace 23 minutes in, the rabbits got a decisive win.

Excel Esports Get on the Board

The second game of the day saw Excel Esports take on Team Vitality. Once more, XL gook the first blood, but they were not able to keep their lead for long. The teams were quite even 21 minutes in as Vitality overextended, losing three kills and having to concede the third drake. Eventually, Excel got an infernal soul and the Baron - and while Vitality was able to narrowly take the elder drake, they were left too low and were scattered by the Excel attack, leading to a third consecutive loss.

Rogue Continue Winning Streak against Astralis

Astralis faced another difficult fight on Sunday, this time against Rogue. Despite the fights being quite even in the opening ten minutes, a single mistake in the bot lane allowed the favorites to get a nearly 3K lead. Nikolay "Zanzarah" Akatov ’s Viego tried to turn back the tide, but it was not enough - and as the mid-game fights started, Rogue’s advantage and better teamfighting proved decisive.

Third Victory Puts Fnatic on Top

After two difficult starts, Fnatic finally seemed to get their early game groove against SK Gaming, taking a kill in the opening minute of play and amassing an early gold lead. The German organization managed to punish several overextensions and kept the game close until 25 minutes in, when a great layering of CC and damage by Fnatic saw them take three easy kills and the Baron. The game was decided six minutes over, where the favorite played expertly around the respawned purple worm and got the decisive teamfight win, rejoining Rogue at the top of the standings.

MAD Lions Trip Up G2

G2 Esports may have gone into this game undefeated, but MAD Lions was the far stronger team on the day. After a good earlygame, William "UNF0RGIVEN" Nieminen was set to carry his team on Jinx and he continued to be monstrously strong in the mid game, where MAD found several big teamfights and an early Baron. A G2 flank 25 minutes in quickly went south when MAD were able to avoid the engage and counterattack, and two quick kills later the 2021 champions pushed in to ace their rivals and end the game.

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The LEC continues next Friday with a game between Misfits Gaming and Excel Esports. Meanwhile, if you are new to our site don't forget to join our Discord server!