LEC Week 3: Our MVP is Rogue's Odoamne

With a solid Gangplank performance and some amazing engages on Zac, Andrei "Odoamne" Pascu carried Rogue to two key victories and is our pick for the week's MVP.

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Odo led Rogue to two wins in week 3| © Riot Games

The LEC has given us another week of bangers and plenty of players stepped up. Misfits Gaming went 2-0 and, more importantly, once more showed that they are a team that must never be counted out as they came back from a big deficit against MAD Lions. Rogue and Fnatic look to finally be back in form and the kind of teams that can contest for the top of the league. Excel Esports and MAD Lions both had an unfortunate loss, but also an impressive win. We saw a lot of great plays, but in the end of the day, our MVP for the week is Rogue's Andrei "Odoamne" Pascu. The top laner was key to his team clutching the two wins and rising to the top of the table, showing his chops both on a carry and on a tank.

On Friday, Rogue took on an Excel Esports that had looked like a top 4 team. Playing Gangplank into Kayle he was expected to have early pressure, but he went a step further. A good series of plays led to a clean top tower dive just 3 minutes in, followed by several impactful ultimates that helped Rogue get kills across the map. When the time came for a clutch teamfight near the Baron, another great Cannon Barrage and a big barrel explosions secured the fight for Rogue and let them storm the Excel base for the win.

Odoamne was on tank duty in Rogue's game against SK Gaming on Saturday and he pulled out the first Zac we have seen in the LEC this season. Despite having to deal with a lot of pressure in his lane early on, his Zac scaled well and was key for Rogue's teamfight plan. While the team at times struggled to get past SK's meaty front line, Odo's great engages were key to the two decisive teamfights that won his team the game - first he ensured that Rogue would get two kills leading to a Baron and then held off the SK backline in their desperate engage outside their base.

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Rogue's next match will be against the Team Vitality squad which many expected to be one of the powerhouses of the LEC, and Odo will face off against Barney "Alphari" Morris. Will Odo step up once again and take down one of the LEC's most admired top laners, or will Alphari be a bit too much for the Romanian?