LEC Week 2: Excel's Markoon is Our MVP

We saw some great plays in Week 2 of the LEC Summer Split, but our MVP nomination goes to Excel Esports' jungler Mark "Markoon" van Woensel.

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Markoon led Excel to a 2-0 week | © Riot Games

The second week of the League of Legends European Championship delivered some amazing games and no few surprises. Astralis is already on their third win, G2's undefeated streak in Europe ended with a loss to Team BDS, and Excel Esports are now tied for first place with the spring champions with a 4-1 record. It's shaping to be an exciting season with a lot of surprises and the favorites better stay on their toes!

Speaking of favorites, it might be time to consider if Excel Esports should start to be counted as one of the LEC's upper echelon. The UK organization took down Team Vitality and MAD Lions with some early aggression, good teamfighting and amazing coordination. No one represented that better than our Week 2 MVP, jungler, Mark "Markoon" van Woensel.

The young jungler already had some good games in the spring and helped Excel with their good start in the opening weekend. However, in Week 2 his team had to go against some impressive rosters - Team Vitality and MAD Lions. Markoon was key in his team's strong start against Vitality, and when the game was first stopped for a long pause and then remade he had the mental fortitude to do it again. While Vitality came back in the game, their early disadvantage played its role and after a clutch teamfight near the Baron, Excel secured the win.

On Saturday, Excel faced the MAD Lions, who looked rejuvenated after their unimpressive spring split. Markoon's early ganks set his carries for success, however, and what followed was a very one-sided and short game where Excel needed just over 21 minutes to take the Lions down. The jungle Volibear ended with a godlike streak and an impressive 7/0/8 record, participating in 15 of his team's 18 kills.

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Markoon was on fire - and Excel will need him at his best next week as they take on spring finalist Rogue. Will he continue to step up, or will Rogue be a step too far? Follow our news to find out!