G2 Esports Are The LEC Spring Champions

After making a run through the lower bracket, G2 won the LEC title with a decisive 3-0 victory against Rogue. The team came with a lot of momentum and won two very one-sided games before coming back from a deficit to secure the sweep.

Rogv G2 2 1402
Would G2 make the big lower bracket run or would Rogue finally lift the cup? | © Riot Games

The LEC spring season finals are here! After their decisive win against Fnatic, G2 come into the decisive match with a lot of momentum. They breezed through the lower bracket, defeating every other top 4 team except one - Rogue themselves. The top team of the regular season, meanwhile, are yet undefeated in a best of 5 series this season. Is this finally the season when Rogue put their name on the wall of the LEC champions, or would G2 add another cup for their trophy case?

First Blood for G2

G2 started the series strong with two early kills going to Rasmus "caPs" Winther’s Ahri. The team was able to track Kim "Malrang" Geun-seong well and did not allow him to take over the early game. Rogue stayed close throughout the early game, but as the game went on, G2’s mobility proved key. Caps remained unkillable throughout the game, turning several fights in his team’s favor. G2 secured the mountain soul and, eventually, a Baron. A flank 33 minutes in led to them securing three kills and with this lead, they pushed on to Rogue’s Nexus to secure the game.

Double on Nothing

Despite an early first blood for G2 on Malrang, the second game remained neck and neck for a long time, with Rogue occasionally getting small gold lead and G2 securing the first two drakes. Rogue’s lack of reliable engage made it different to get good fights in the face of their opponents’ poke, leading to an early soul point for G2. The first seed team was able to sneak in an early Baron, although they paid with several deaths for it. The decisive fight came 26 minutes in and while Rogue got the first kill, Caps’ Corki turned the fight around, letting his team secure an ace and the mountain soul. With this added advantage, G2 easily batted away Rogue’s attempts to find an advantageous fight and secured their eleventh win in a row.

No Reverse Sweep This Time

Malrang finally got a good start in the third game, getting an early kill in the bot lane and setting a 3-1 for his team just 3 minutes in. The early game went firmly in Rogue’s favor and they skirmished aggressively in the fight. Despite a poor early start, however, Caps' Ahri came back with several kills as he punished Rogue's overextensions and kept his team in the fight. 21 minutes in, Rogue once more committed too far to kill him and lost three in return as Raphaël "Targamas" Crabbé's Pyke was let loose. This gave G2 the first Baron and with it and a 4-0 teamfight a minute later, they took over the game. Rogue was quickly running out of options. They managed to extend the game, but G2 did not make any mistakes and on the third Baron, they pushed in, routed Rogue and ended the game.

After what has proven to be an amazing playoff run with four consecutive 3-0 victories, G2 secure their ninth LEC title and stamp their tickets for MSI. There, they will join the best teams in the world. Lee "Faker" Sang-hyeok has already said he is looking forward to his rematch against G2 - and so far, G2 looks ready.

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The LEC playoff is now over, but European pro League of Legends continues with the EU Masters spring championship. The EUM main event group stages starts on Thursday, April 14th, with the opening game between AGO Rogue and Vitality Bee beginning at 5 PM CEST.