LEC Week 2 Spring MVP: G2 Yike

Week two of the LEC Spring Split was a storm of upsets and surprises, but in the end, G2´s jungler Yike was clutch in keeping his team to a shared first place.

G2team 2303
G2 are back in the lead| © Riot Games

The LEC superweeks have shown to be a very exciting format that keeps every game important. Week 2 of the Spring Split kept us on our toes with a lot of unexpected results - and some more that came close to surprising us even more. When it was all said and done, we had neither a 3-0 team nor an 0-3 one and all ten 10 teams within two wins of each other. Many players stepped up and just as many slipped up it is quite the achievement for any single player to pop off - but for us, G2 Esport´s Martin "Yike" Sundelin was the brightest star.

Yike was the big unknown in G2´s rebuild over the preseason. While he started playing competitively in the Nordic scene in 2019, it wasn´t until last year that he moved to the French squad LDLC OL that he started to truly be noticed as a big prospect. Still, there were quite a few doubters who didn´t expect him to be good enough for a G2 team that had championship ambitions (ourselves included). Still, he proved the naysayers wrong with a very solid winter season performance and has been looking on point as G2 aims to add another title to their trophy case.

G2 started the week with a somewhat unexpected loss to KOI, who were neck and neck with the winter champions before winning a clutch mid-game fight that catapulted them in the lead and played a very well coordinated game to take the win. Despite that, Yike was one of the shining lights on his team, protecting his carries several times and landing clutch engages. However, it was in the games against Team Vitality and Team BDS that he really shone. He picked Vi both times and had a grand total of 30 KDA over the two games, going unkilled against Vitality and only dying once against Team BDS as he helped keep his team in the game until they mounted the successful comeback.

Game 1: Vi441
Game 2: Vi709
Game 3: Vi519

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The LEC continues on Saturday, when G2 will face off against the dark horse of the winter split, SK Gaming. Will Yike’s top form continue as he takes on SK’s own trump card jungler, Mark "Markoon" van Woensel? Watch the games to find out!

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