LoL: VIT Kaiser Reveals How Upset Has Improved Their Gameplay

Team Vitality had a great start on the first weekend of the 2023 LEC Spring Split. With a new leader in the bot lane it seems like nothing can go wrong for now, right?

Upser and Kaiser lec 2023
LoL: Kaiser thinks Upset has greatly improved their team. | © Riot Games

Norman “Kaiser” Kaiser, the support of Team Vitality, recently revealed in an interview with how the acquisition of Elias “Upset” Lipp has affected their team and even improved it, going into detail about the other player and his play style.

Team Vitality has been on a tear, kicking off the 2023 LEC Spring Split with a great 3-0 scoreline and it seems that the team will only get better from here on out. Is it all thanks to Upset's return to the LEC though?

LoL: Team Vitality Has Improved Communication

In the interview with Kaiser explained that while he had been close to the team's former bot laner Matúš “Neon” Jakubčík off Summoner's Rift, they didn't seem to synergize on it, which led to some regrets in the LEC Winter Split.

Upset has been added to the lineup and empowered the lineup thanks to his communication skills. One thing that had not seemed to work was the fact that both Kaiser and Neon were more on the quiet side, which led to some discrepancy on the team, especially with two brand-new LEC players from China and Korea who are still learning to master English.

I think me and Neon - we got along really well, I think just in the gameplay perspective-wise we just didn’t match well together because we were both a little bit on the quiet side. In contrast to Neon, I think Upset - like, he talks a shit ton honestly

Kaiser also emphasized how good Upset is as a shot caller. While Luka "Perkz" Perković is great at making good calls, being in the mid lane he's got to play around sidelanes and cannot keep a consistent eye on the rest of the team.

Similarly, Kaiser highlighted jungler Zhou “Bo” Yang-bo, who has the knowledge of the game to shot call, but his English isn't at the level where he can consistently lead the team, which is where Upset has come in clutch thanks to his communication skills.

It seems like the switch from Neon to Upset has gone over well and while the team continues to adjust and work towards the LEC Spring Finals and a spot at the 2023 Mid-Season Invitational, they'll likely only grow and improve.

Team Vitality will play on Saturday, March 18, 2023 against SK Gaming, the only other 3-0 team left in the LEC Spring Split. Which team will remain undefeated at the start of Week 2?

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