League of Legends Guide: How To Play Milio

To avoid making 0/10/0 stats in the very first match playing a new character - prepare yourself and read this League of Legends guide about how to play support Milio.

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League of Legends: This is the key information you need when playing Milio. | © Riot Games

League of Legends newest champion Milio will soon appear in the game and will be able to multiply a bit of LP for you. We currently have the opportunity to test his potential on a test server, so here are the conclusions we drew:

He is intended for the bottom lane - as a support. At first glance, Milio looks decently harmless, yet after a few good plays he can make his AD Carry really dangerous!

His ability to focus on increasing the effectiveness of his ADCarry by directly strengthening it and defending against incoming threats proves that he is an enchanter. Milio itself is quite "paper" and deals relatively low damage, but because of his large range and his passive, he has incredible potential to poke.

League of Legends Guide: Best Milio Build

The Best Runes on Milio

An enchanter such as Milio will find Summon Aery's ability to harass opponents as well as protect his ADC very helpful. The extra source of damage from this rune and the long Q range can be a good poke and a source of good trades.

If you don't want to play Sorcery, then you can also try out a Resolve with Milio. This set of runes will be especially good under your ally's ADC. Enhancing shielding and heal and a bit of tenacity is all the new champion needs.

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The Best Items on Milio

A build like this is as universal as possible and should work for most opposing team compositions. Here we have both a lot of shielding enhancement, heal and of course ability haste at our disposal, due to the long cooldowns of this champion.

  1. Moonstone Renewer/Shurelya's Battlesong
  2. Chemtech Putrifier
  3. Ardent Censer
  4. Mikael's Blessing
  5. Redemption

Boots: Ionian Boots of Lucidity

Milio Guide: Which Abilities To Level

You will first take his Q, then his E and then W. Q should be maxed first, then W and finally E.

First Q > E > W

Max Q > W > E

Milio Summoner Spells

Traditionally, we recommend Flash and Exhaust here, although for more aggressive playstyle, Ignite will work well.

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These champs should be avoided when playing Milio. | © EarlyGame

League of Legends Guide: Who to Avoid When Picking Milio

Riot obviously wasn't leaning enough to create a champion that would be good against everyone. Here are some suggestions if you want to encounter Milio in the opposite champion selection:


Milio in particular requires a fair amount of space between him and his opponents, as he is best used from a long distance. However, if he is picked out of the group by Blitzcrank it can end badly!


We all know Pyke and we know that with lots of bursts and with his potential one-shotting poor Milio will be a piece of cake for him. If you're playing Milio against him, it would be hard to counter his fast combo and gain safe distance.

Playing Milio against these champions, on the other hand, can be quite entertaining and will definitely infuriate your opponents!


Amumu and his crowd control are real game changers. At last, there is finally someone who can put an end to his advantage. If Milio avoids getting hit by his ultimate, he can easily unleash his allies and allow them to quickly counter attack.


Similar to Amumu, it is crucial for Milio to avoid Seraphine's super-skill so that he can take the negative effect off his allies as quickly as possible. The new hero's passive is also important in responding to Seraphine. With the burning effect, it's easy to nullify Seraphine's healing abilities.

We already can't wait for Milio on March 22 to dominate the Summoner's Rift, and you?

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