League of Legends: Milio Trailer Hammers Home Champion Strength

Milio, the newest League of Legends champion, finally had his official trailer revealed by Riot. The trailer shows off his strengths and his personality, as well as hits home just how different he is from previous fire champions.

Milio Faerie Court Splash
League of Legends: Milio's fire heals and soothes. | © Riot Games

Milio is the newest League of Legends champion. His abilities heal, shield and remove crowd control from his allies and while he looks cool, he is basically completely reliant on his allies at all times in the game.

Riot have recently revealed his trailer, in which fans and players get a first glance at the champion ahead of him going onto the PBE for testing and Riot nailed this trailer, showing off just how powerful he can be and how different he is from other champions.

LoL: Riot Hammers Home That Milio's Fire Soothes

One of the key points the team behind Milio has been trying to hammer home is that his fire, unlike that of champions like Annie, is soothing and healing. Fire, normally, is a scary thing and hurts, but with Milio, Riot tried to do something different.

When it was first revealed that Milio would wield the element of fire, many thought he would be a male version of Annie, the most famous fire mage on Summoner's Rift. But with the trailer it becomes even more evident just how Milio differs from Annie.

Milio has found a way to wield fire in a soothing and healing manner. One of the key scenes in the trailer is when a leaf falls from the tree and right onto one of the Fuemigo's. Normally the leaf would burn, but in the trailer it merely sits atop the little fire blob.

While it was difficult to de-condition players from seeing a big red thing coming at them as being 'healing' with the Fuemigo's in the game the fire seems more friendly, something Riot has worked on for in-game content as well.

This is similar to the problems developers faced with Gwen's W, where an area under her makes her immune to abilities from the outside. This ability also confused players who felt that something had to happen due to the visuals.

With the way Riot has handled the flame animations in the game it seems that Milio will be a great support to heal and help his allies. He will be released in LoL Patch 13.6 and that's when we really get to see just how powerful this young made from Ixtal can be.

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