LoL Patch 13.6 Patch Notes: All Buffs & Nerfs

LoL Patch 13.6 is going to bring us a brand-new champion, Milio, to the rift, along with some other big changes in ARAM. Let's go over the League of Legends Patch Notes to know what buffs and nerfs will be affecting our LoL games.

Milio Faerie Court Splash
LoL Patch 13.6 Patch Notes: Milio is ready to enter the rift! | © Riot Games

League of Legends Patch 13.6 is going to be the next LoL patch and we are finally going to be introduced to none other than Milio! This brand-new LoL champion will brighten up the bot lane with his heals and shields as a male enchanter from Ixtal.

What else do we know about the upcoming League of Legends patch? Let's go over the early patch notes right now so we are up to date.

LoL Patch 13.6 Patch Notes: Milio Enters League of Legends

Milio is going to be the new champion in LoL Patch 13.6. He is a male enchanter from Ixtal, giving players a brand-new way to play. His kit is filled with life-saving abilities and he is a cute young boy from Ixtal.

Milio Ability Rundown

Milio is going to be insanely strong in team situations with his abilities having some form of AoE to help out. His ultimate is going to be especially strong in large fights.

Passive - Fired UpMilio's abilities enchant allies on touch, making their next spell or attack deal a burst of extra damage and burn the target.
Q - Ultra Mega Fire KickKick a ball that knocks back an enemy. On hit, the ball bounces behind the target, damaging and slowing enemies in the area upon impact.
W - Cozy CampfireCreate an empowering zone that heals allies and increases Attack Range for those inside. The zone follows the ally nearest to the cast point.
E - Warm HugsMilio tosses a shield to an ally, temporarily increasing their movement speed.
R - Breath of LifeMilio unleashes a wave of soothing flames that heal and remove crowd control effects from allies in range.

Riot has iterated multiple times that Milio's fire soothes and heals unlike Annie who uses her fire to destroy. Milio is cute and a breath of fresh air on the rift and he will be available very soon!

LoL Patch 13.6 Early Patch Notes | Overview

System Adjustments in LoL Patch 13.6

The bot lane is getting some nerfs with item and rune changes, as well as Dragon nerfs in the upcoming League of Legends patch. Only one item, Nashor's Tooth, will be seeing a buff though in LoL Patch 13.6.

System Buffs

Nashor's Tooth

  • Ability Haste: 0 --> 15
  • Total Cost: 3000 --> 3200
  • Build Path: Blasting Wand + Recurve Bow + Amplifying Tome --> Blasting Wand + Recurve Bow + Fiendish Codex

System Nerfs


  • Hextech Drake:
    • Bonus AH and AP: 9/18/27/36% --> 7.5/15/22.5/30%
    • Hextech Soul Base Slow: 45% (35% for ranged) decaying over 2s --> 40% (30% for ranged) decaying over 2 seconds
  • Infernal Drake:
    • Bonus AD and AP: 6/12/18/24% --> 5/10/15/24%
  • Mountain Drake:
    • Bonus AR and MR: 9/18/27/36% --> 8/16/24/32%
  • Ocean Drake:
    • Missing Health Regen: 3/6/9/12% --> 2.5/5/7.5/9%


  • Shield: 180-450 (level 9-18) --> 100-400 (level 8-18)

Navori Quickblades

  • Cooldown Refund: 15% --> 12%

Lethal Tempo

  • Ranged Attack Speed: 30-54% (maxes at level 12) --> 24-54% (maxes at level 18)

Legend: Bloodline

  • Life Steal per Stack: 0.4% --> 0.35%
  • Max HP: 100 --> 85
Sentinel Vayne
League of Legends Patch 13.6: Vayne is going to dominate again. | © Riot Games

Champion Buffs in LoL Patch 13.6

Four champions will be seeing some buffs in this patch.


  • Base Stats
    • Passive Movement Speed: 30 --> 45
  • Q - Tumble
    • AD Ratio: 60-80% --> 75-115%
    • Buff Duration: 7s ---> 3s
  • W - Silver Bolts
    • %HP Damage: 4-12% --> 6-10%


  • W - Shield of Durand
    • Magic Damage Reduction: 20-40% (+8% MR) --> 25-45% (+12% MR)
    • Physical Damage Reduction: 10-20% (+4% per 100 Bonus MR) --> 12.5-22.5% (+6% per 100 Bonus MR)
  • E - Justive Punch
    • Cooldown: 12-8s --> 11-7s


  • Base Stats
    • Base Mana: 377 --> 400
  • P - Blade's End
    • Damage: 75-255 (+200% Bonus AD) --> 80-280 (+210% Bonus AD)
  • W - Rake
    • Mana Cost: 55/60/65/70/75 --> 50/55/60/65/70

Ashe (ADC)

  • P - Frost Shot
    • Damage against Frosted Enemies: 110% (+75% Crit Chance) --> 115% (+75% Crit Chance)
EG Dashboard Garen

Champion Nerfs in LoL Patch 13.6

Riot has decided to nerf Yuumi since her rework has been a bit too strong since release, alongside Aurelion Sol who was just nerfed in the most recent patch, as well as Veigar who had just received some attack range buffs in an attempt to make the mage more engaging and fun to play.


  • Q - Prowling Projectile
    • Cooldown: 7.5-6.25s --> 6.5
    • Mana: 50-75 --> 50-100
    • Unattached Missile Speed: 1000 --> 850
    • Enhanced Missile Speed: 1900 --> 1650
    • Max Range (straight line): 2000 --> 1725
  • R - Final Chapter
    • Bonus: 20-60 Resists --> Removed
    • Overheal Shield Duration: 3 s --> 1.5 s (shield will last the full spell duration + this amount of time)

Aurelion Sol

  • E - Singularity
    • Cooldown: 12-10s --> 12s
  • R - Falling Star/The Skies Descend
    • Stardust required for R2: 75 --> 100
    • R1 Stun duration: 1.25s --> 1s
    • R2 Knockup Duration: 1.25s --> 1s
    • R1 Cast Range 1250 --> 1100
    • R2 Cast Range 1250 --> 1100


  • Base Stats
    • HP: 575 --> 550
    • Armor: 21 --> 18
  • W - Dark Matter
    • Damage: 100-300 --> 85-305

Champion Adjustments in LoL Patch 13.6

There is one other Champion change that we haven't yet checked out and that's Dr. Mundos adjustment. Riot stated that Mundo wasn't well balanced as he was underperforming during the early game and going crazy later on. That's why the devs plan to smooth him out with these changes.

Dr. Mundo

  • Base Stats
    • Base Health Regen: 6.5 --> 7
    • Health Regen Scaling: 0.55 --> 0.5
  • W - Heart Zapper
    • Recast Timer: 1 s --> 0.5 s
  • E - Blunt Force Trauma
    • Damage to Jungle Monsters: 150% --> 200%

ARAM Changes in LoL Patch 13.6

Tower rubble was introduced in the League of Legends pre-season for ARAM matches, but many players complained about this unique mechanic since sucked some of the fun out of ARAM. Therefore, Riot is going to be making some changes to the ARAM map.

Tower rubble will be removed in LoL Patch 13.6 according to Riot Maxw3ll who is in charge of game modes in League of Legends. So if you liked the tower rubble expect it to be gone quite soon.

Yuumi SFX Added in LoL Patch 13.6

Riot will also be adding some missing sound effects for two Yuumi skins. In LoL Patch 13.5 Riot released her rework, but the sound effects on Yuumi's ultimate from her EDG World Championship 2021 skin, as well as the E on her Yuubee skins had uncomfortably loud sounds.

That's why they shipped these skins and the rework with a replacement SFX while the team works on fixing the issue. So expect Yuumi to sound a little different once LoL Patch 13.6 goes live with her complete rework!

Faerie Court Kalista Splash
Just look at her! | © Riot Games

LoL Patch 13.6 Skins: All Skins Revealed

New Mythic Skin

Riot will introduce a new mythic skin in LoL Patch 13.6. They will keep the Ashen Knight theme going and have introduced the next Ashen Knight skin for none other than Shen. This is a good fit and Riot have done a pretty cool job on the reveal of this new mythic skin.

This means you will be getting some new content in the mythic shop with a new mythic chroma for the Ashen Knight skin, as well as new wards and other in-game features.

New Faerie Court Skins Revealed

Faerie Court is going to be the next skin line. Seven champions will be getting skins, with one receiving a prestige version as well. There will likely also be an in-game event to go along with the brand-new skins.

  • Faerie Queen Karma
  • Faerie Court Kalista
  • Faerie Court Katarina
    • Faerie Court Katarina Prestige Edition
  • Faerie Court Fiora
  • Faerie Court Seraphine
  • Faerie Court Ezreal
  • Faerie Court Milio

The Faerie Court skins will be in the LoL client a day after the patch goes live, so you can get these beautiful skins then!

Riot To Add Faerie Court Event

Riot will also be adding a brand-new in-game event for the upcoming Faerie Court skins. Players will be able to purchase a Battle Pass to earn rewards on a reward track and get some skins, emotes and other goodies.

For any players interested in the upcoming Katarina Prestige skin, you'll need to grind the pass to earn enough tokens to purchase the skin, unlike the Broken Covenant Miss Fortune Prestige skin which had been added to the Mythic Shop.

LoL Patch 13.6 Release Date

Patch 13.6 is going to be released on March 22, 2023. The skins and Milio will likely be in the client a day after, so expect everything from buffs and nerfs, as well as champion and skin updates to hit the rift by Match 23, 2023.

So, are you excited for Milio and his Fuemigos to hit the rift soon? I sure am, but I am biased as a support main.

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